New Human Nature Manifesto Social Media Network Explores the Power of Choice

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Visit to join the discussion about the choices that are made every day. Life plays out on reality TV and displays what people will do to win. Is this who human beings are in reality? Is this all human beings can expect from other human beings? Members of the Human Nature Manifesto social media network will have the opportunity to recommend and create rationale on what should truly define human beings. Membership is free and only requires a validated email address.

Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC

Who I Am is Why I Act

Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC announces the launch of a new social media network based upon the book "Human Nature Manifesto" by owner Pamela E. Bailey. Pamela believes that the world should not accept as "normal" the behaviors depicted on reality TV. Is it normal to choose:

  •     To say whatever it takes to gain another’s favor and/or trust
  •     To stab friends in the back just to fulfill our immediate heart’s desire
  •     To attack others just to satisfy petty jealousies
  •     To influence others to take up your issues with others
  •     To influence others to have issues with others
  •     To make stuff up about others just because you can
  •     To believe that money and/or power is everything
  •     To win at all costs.

The power of choice is more potent than most of people realize. Life typically begins by indoctrination in the beliefs of parents. Their actions, those of other authority figures and peers in support of their beliefs create in acceptance or rebellion as people choose for themselves the governing beliefs that will dictate their actions throughout each stage of their lives. The ability to choose actions beyond basic instincts for food and shelter is what separates human beings from other species on earth. Knowing that no one can make a person do anything that they truly don’t want to do is important. Choosing to act or not act in situations means that people are always in control unless they choose to give that control to someone else. People are and we do because they choose. Life fades into reality one choice at a time.

The Human Nature Manifesto social media network was created by Pamela E. Bailey, CEO and President of Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC, The social media network is based upon the book "Human Nature Manifesto" which was written by Pamela and published on November 30, 2009. The company's goal with the network is to create a place where people can explore the power of choice and how their beliefs influence them to choose actions that define who they are. Pamela advocates principle-centered and ethical behavior as a means to improve the quality of life for everyone. She wants people to develop as a skill the ability to choose in the moment. This skill will allow people to understand before we act the potential impact of our actions and message that we send to others about who they are. It is a skill that Pamela has not yet mastered and struggles with every day. However, Pamela knows that humans need to master their destructive natures in order to evolve into beings capable of controlling the planet and stars and becoming immortal. Humans have only achieved a type zero civilization. We can do better. Choosing in the moment is a first baby step.

The social media network is in English. The Choice Hypotheses upon which the Human Nature Manifesto is based are posted at The social media network includes the wire where people can share key learnings about their choices and the resulting consequences. They can choose to have their posts forwarded to Twitter. Personal blogs can be created to allow other people to join discussions created by members. Members will also have the ability to create groups to discuss topics that do not violate the published membership terms. Photos can be uploaded to the network and shared with others. Videos loaded on YouTube can also be linked and played on the network. Member friends can exchange internal emails. Membership is required to add content to the network. This membership is free of charge with a validated email address. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. After July 1st, companies or individuals will have the ability to advertise on the network for a fee.    

For additional information on Human Nature Manifesto social media network, contact Pamela E. Bailey or visit


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