Solid State Disks vs. Hard Drives: Learn Five Reasons SSDs are Better (and Why You Need One)

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Learn how Solid State Disk (SSD) drives can speed up a desktop or laptop computer, extend a laptop’s battery run-time and protect data better than conventional hard drives. A trusted computer memory and hardware distributor, The Upgrade Place, shows how SSDs are superior and why you should have one.

Transcend 2.5 Inch SATA Solid State Disk (SSD)

Solid State Disk (SSD) Drives are replacing conventional computer hard drives as a faster, energy efficient, and more durable and reliable unit.

The Upgrade Place has sold computer upgrade hardware since 1983 and is a trusted authority in the field. This well-known technology distributor refers to the latest Solid State Disk (SSD) drives as the most substantial development in hard drive technology to occur in decades. The Upgrade Place has teamed up with Transcend Information, a manufacturer of SSDs and global leader in storage and multimedia products to offer a full line of quality and affordable SSDs.

Conventional hard drives are built using delicate moving parts that limit the computer's speed, consume excessive power and are easily damaged by an impact or vibration. Solid State Disks, however, have no moving parts, offer faster performance, consume less power and boast extreme reliability and durability...among other benefits.

The Upgrade Place lists five reasons SSDs are better than conventional hard drives: below, as seen on their corporate blog.

Faster Performance:
Transcend SSDs are built using flash memory chips, much like those in a digital camera memory card. These chips allow systems to boot up to 45% faster (Windows XP) and load programs up to 67% faster than a conventional hard drive in the same computer.

Longer Battery Run-Time:
Transcend SSDs use up to 46% less power, allowing your laptop battery to last longer.

Resistant to Impact, Vibration & Extreme Environments:
SSDs are many times more resistant to damage from an impact (such as dropping your laptop) and exposure to vibrations. Transcend's SSDs can tolerate extreme environments due to a wider operating temperature range of around 32 - 158 degrees Fahrenheit (versus conventional hard drive range of 41 - 131 degrees Fahrenheit).

Cool & Quiet:
SSDs produce zero noise and vibration and run 20% cooler. Less heat means less energy is needed to for internal fans cool the system. This allows for greater protection against damaging heat produced within the system. Since the fans run less, this extends the battery run-time even further.

SSDs weigh 50% less, lightening your laptop instantly.

Who Should Switch to SSDs?
Virtually anyone who wants to speed up their existing Desktop, Laptop or even Netbook computer would see benefits in switching to an SSD for their primary operating system drive. SSDs come in various sizes and speed classes to fit just about any computer or need. Transcend produces SSDs with various interface connector types, including IDE SSDs, SATA SSDs and mini-PCI-E and ZIF SSDs. Transcend offers two speeds of SSDs, including the very affordable MLC and the faster performing SLC speed drives for each type.

Transcend offers SSDs in several sizes with up to 192GB capacity. The most common 2.5 inch SSD drives fit into most laptops as a direct, slip-in replacement for the original hard drive. These also fit into desktop computers with an 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch drive bay adapter kit.

Shop for Transcend Solid State Disk (SSD) Drives at The Upgrade Place.

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