90-Year-Old Hoosier Vet Announces 'Serious Run' for Congress in Indiana's Eighth District, Refuses Campaign Contributions

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90-Year-Old John K. Snyder promised to be a "voice of reason" in announcing his candidacy for the Republican Congressional primary in Indiana's Eighth District. Stating that "Our federal government is out of control," Snyder will refuse all financial contributions for the primary and run an Internet-based issues-focused campaign.

Our federal government is out of control...We are risking losing control of our economic future.

Promising to be a “Voice of Reason,” John K. Snyder – today in his 90th year of life – announced his candidacy for the Republican Congressional primary in the Eighth District of Indiana. Snyder appeared March 15 on the national FOX News morning show “Fox and Friends” to discuss his running for national office.

“Our federal government is out of control,” Snyder said. “As America slides deeper and deeper into unimaginable federal debt, we are risking losing control of our economic future to global forces.”

Two unique attributes will be highlighted during his primary campaign: Snyder will not accept political financial donations, and he pledges upfront that he will not serve more than two terms if elected.

Snyder is the father of six children and grandfather to more than 30 grand- and great-grandchildren. “I grew up in the Great Depression and served in World War II,” he said, “I’ve seen what awaits my grandchildren if Congress doesn’t wake up and do the right thing.”

“Why am I running?” He continued: “Because I see all of this chaos and I wonder what kind of America my grandchildren and all Americans will be living in 10 years from now.”

He said that his grandmother had a saying during the Great Depression that is highly relevant for Congress today: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without.”

According to Snyder, today some would probably say: “Spend it all, go in debt. Forget core values, place your bets.”

A long-time resident of Daviess County in Indiana’s Eighth District, Snyder spent many years crisscrossing the district first as a regional sales manager for a major school equipment company and then as a two-term State Treasurer. During his time as the Treasurer for the State of Indiana, Snyder instituted programs that delivered a higher Return on Investment (ROI) of state funds than all previous state treasurers combined.

“I know well about the prudent management of government funds, and if the voters of the Eighth District send me to Washington, D.C., I’ll be about it once again,” Snyder said.

The former state-elected official explained why he was getting back into active national politics when most people are retired:
“After watching the insanity erupt among our elected Congressional figures over the past decade, where sound bites and empty posturing triumph over anything of real achievement, I felt sick. Sick watching the values that made our country great get flushed down the drain. Sick that our country has achieved unimaginable levels of debt in mere months that will take decades to pay off. Sick that greedy executives suck up bonuses while taking emergency government subsidies. Sick that failed national government policies are being re-packaged as progress.”

Snyder recognizes that one Congressman cannot change everything. “But I can be a very loud 90-year-voice in the nation’s Capitol,” he said.

More information about John K. Snyder’s congressional campaign can be found online at http://www.johnsnyderforcongress.com. Updates about the campaign can be found on the Facebook page John Snyder for Congress and by following Snyder on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/snyder4congress. Interested parties can request Snyder's e-mail newsletter by e-mailing a request. Media inquiries can be made directly to Snyder’s cell phone: 317-694-9225.


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