Women and Minorities Pay More for New Cars: The Women's Car Buying Guide Saves Mmoney, Eliminate Stress and Intimidation

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Women pay more and stress more when buying a new car. Experienced car saleswoman Sharon Krieger reveals car dealers insider secrets. She shows consumers - of both genders - step-by-step, how to save money, eliminate stress and actually feel confident and in control of the car buying experience.

The Women's Car Buying Guide is like having a best friend in the business. $29 can save consumers hundreds of dollars or more, eliminate the stress of feeling pressured and 'handled'. Krieger will even do the deal for you. Don't buy a car without it.

Consumers in the market to buy a car -- a new car or a used car report two major fears: fear of being ripped off and fear of being pressured into a decision. In short, they’re intimidated. Car buying expert and advice guru Sharon Kriegers’ new eBook overcomes those fears.

“The Women’s Car Buying Guide”, eliminates stress and saves car buyers money, arming them with information that comes directly from the knowledge Krieger gained through years of working in a car dealership. She reveals the insider secrets about how to get the best price on a new car and feel in control of the experience. She walks the reader through exactly how and where to do the simple research. The Guide is jam-packed with information not easily accessible elsewhere. Krieger knows autos and she knows auto buying.

According to Edmunds – widely considered a definitive automotive resource - women influence 85% of all car and truck purchases made in the U.S. Research shows women and racial minorities pay more when they buy cars. Krieger shows car buyers how to avoid that trap – she’ll even negotiate the entire deal – actually set up the car buy over the phone so the consumer walks in, takes a test drive, signs the paperwork and drives away. Visit http://carbuyingsos.com for details.

Car prices are important, particularly when buying a new car – knowing what the car dealer knows puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. Krieger tells you how to find out what the dealer paid for any given car, what a reasonable markup is and what additional features and add-ons to are worthwhile and which are a rip-off and what a car buyer should pay for ones she recommends.

Krieger has privately negotiated car deals for many people over the years, saving them time, money and stress. In “The Women’s Car Buying Guide”, she reveals the insider secrets on a system that’s been shrouded in mystery for years. She tells you exactly how she negotiates each deal so the reader can easily do it themselves. If after reading the Guide, the buyer is still overwhelmed; Krieger will negotiate the deal and deduct the price of the Guide from her fee.

Most consumers are not skilled or experienced in negotiating – and many admit to flat-out hating the whole process. When buyers have the edge that http://carbuyingsos.com provides, the whole game changes. Sharon Krieger levels the playing field.


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