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Creator / Founder, Dino Andrade Brings His Passion to the Forefront Drawing from His Own Personal Experience and Know-how

As children, most wonder what they might be when they grow up. For young men, there are thoughts of sports heroes, firemen, maybe even astronauts. But for others, life can be a little more perplexing.

“For as long as I can remember, I was gripped by works of science fiction, horror and fantasy,” states SoulGeek proprietor, Dino Andrade. He admits that on occasion, becoming a baseball star did seem attractive, but as time went on it became more and more apparent that his real fascinations lie, as he says, “in flights of imagination and great storytelling.”

Dino became obsessed with comic books and the fact is that it could have been in his genes. Dino’s father was a pin-up artist in the style of Vargas and Bill Ward. His mother grew up watching Latino vampire flicks and introduced them to Dino. In high-school, the only place he felt at home was in his theater group. His involvement in performing would eventually lead to a successful career as a voice actor on such high-profile electronic game projects such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend and World of Warcraft. But outside of this world, Dino was always thought of as the comic book nerd who saw Star Wars way too many times. Yet out of life’s struggles, spring brilliant ideas. The SoulGeek story began when he started dating.

“There were times of loneliness, trying to find that special person” he recalls. As chance would have it, he met flourishing voice actor, Mary Kay Bergman. The two fell in love and eventually married. Tragically, her years were cut short. Her story is posted on the SoulGeek website. After a long period of mourning, Dino knew in his heart that finding that unique someone could happen again. And like many, he decided to give internet dating a try.

“I wound up joining the usual major dating sites and it was a nightmare. It was because I was a geek!” The mainstream sites really had nothing to offer someone of his ilk. It became so discouraging that he resorted to creating dual profiles: geek and non-geek. In the end, he canceled his subscriptions. It was only through happenstance that he re-connected with his high school sweetheart, Casey. Some time later, Dino and Casey were attending a geek-driven event when a young girl saw Andrade and his new-found love hand-in-hand and remarked in a wistful voice: “I hope someday, I can find a Geek of my own.” Dino was floored. How could a beautiful young woman such as this have problems finding a mate? Upon arriving home, he scoured the internet in search of locating geek dating sites on the scale of the large dating sites to which he previously belonged. He came up empty. Exhausted, he said to Casey, “Why doesn’t someone build a suitable site for folks like us?” She replied, “Why not you?” The rest is history.

It is no secret that the geek population is growing by leaps and bounds. The success of films like Forty Year Old Virgin and Role Models along with huge stars such as Seth Rogan, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz Plasse prove it. With his expertise, Dino has created a website like no other. Specifically geared towards this niche, SoulGeek is definitely not a cookie-cutter operation. Many conventional dating sites are based on the same off-the-shelf software that has been re-skinned for whatever niche they happen to be targeting. This is the reason that they have the same look and design. Their profile questionnaires are also repetitive…”What is your income?” “What kind of car do you drive?” “What size are you?” To geeks, these are all the superficial questions! SoulGeek was designed and custom coded from the ground up, for geeks and by geeks. They ask the important questions such as, “Are you into sci-fi, horror, fantasy, animation, comic-books and conventions?” SoulGeek is more than just a dating site, it is effectively a geek paradise. It brings imagination to the “art” of finding a suitable mate.

Another item that makes SoulGeek unique is its level of safety. From the get-go, Dino made a point of creating a secure environment that is free of scammers, spammers and predators. One is guaranteed to find profiles that are connected only to fellow geeks and not to individuals or organizations that promote and / or sell services. Nothing on SoulGeek is auto-approved. The site is monitored 24/7 to ensure quality control. A team of systems administrators are on board to keep the site running as smoothly as possible. Links to adult sites and fake profiles are rooted out long before a single member ever spots them.

The idea of taking on such a project might seem daunting to some, yet Dino is determined that his brand will not stop here. Plans are being laid to expand the monthly SoulGeek mixers -- currently held in LA -- to the rest of the country. He foresees a connection with Hollywood, where SoulGeek would be involved in major motion picture promotional events as well as related TV shows and video game campaigns.

In modern times, it is refreshing to find someone who is not only passionate about his endeavors, but one who also is looking out for his kindred spirits. With all of his talent, compassion and fervor, it is only a matter of time before Dino achieves his dreams…and it could not be more deserved.


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