Airsoft is Here to Stay: Answers the Call to Arms

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The Burgeoning Sport Of Airsoft Has Evolved Into A Bona Fide Culture. In answer to this trend, J.D. Fisher, of Jadfish Enterprises, announced the launch of

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A Rose by any other name: Newly launched helps stem the rising tide of demand for airsoft products.

According to company founder J.D.Fisher, “The term ‘Airsoft’ has only just entered the American lexicon.
A lot of people think I’m talking about pressurized shock absorbers, or inflatable mattresses. They have no idea it exists! On the other hand, There’s a huge segment of folks who know exactly what I’m talking about. They usually possess an armory of airsoft weapons and a storehouse of tactical accessories.”

Stated Fisher,”The site caters to both the experienced and beginner airsofter. We tried to make selecting the correct gun and accessories easy.”There is also information about game play, safety and a FAQ section.Continues Fisher, “For years, I was trapped behind a desk shuffling papers. The only thing I ever did for fun was watch sports on TV – And that gets old in a big hurry.”

Just what is Airsoft? In the late 1970’s it was illegal to own a firearm in Japan, though there was a large interest in them. Fulfilling the public demand, manufacturers started producing spring-powered replicas of real guns, which fired several calibers of plastic or rubber BBs. These airsoft guns are exact replicas of lethal firearms in both appearance and weight. For importation into the United States, the muzzle must be painted with an orange tip at least 6 mm wide. The only other notable difference is that airsoft guns fire small plastic BB’s instead of metal bullets.

One question always arises: Is it safe? Airsoft is safe with proper care. The projectiles travel at a fairly low velocity and are too light to penetrate the skin. Players must always wear eye protection - if not a full face mask. The minimum level of safety gear required to participate includes a pair of impact-rated goggles or shooting glasses for protection.

A surprising number of people want to escape their sedentary lifestyle. With this in mind, millions of people around the world have embraced airsoft. People seeking excitement and camaraderie are drawn to it.Teams are a tightly knit group of friends who enjoy the Military Simulation and Teamwork that is incorporated into Airsoft.

Giving new meaning to the term ‘Weekend Warrior,’ there are now many organized teams, of varying sizes. Some prominent teams have 50 or more players, and send delegations to regional or national events. All 50 states and 34 countries are actively involved with airsoft, and possess their own sets of laws and regulations.

The sport transcends all economic, social, political and gender boundaries. Airsoft has also been adopted for training purposes for both military and police units. Games include Role Playing, Military Simulations, and pickup games or skirmishes. Concluded Fisher, “Once you’re armed, outfitted, and skirmishing – You’re hooked!” The verdict is in -This is way better than sitting on the couch and eating cheese balls!

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