Unraveling The Secret to Hell

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Author explores the fantasized Hell in his exciting novel.

An electrical student written a book, ha ha. That’s unbelievable

In a wholly different world created by author K.C. Gude, he lets readers wander through the depths of another realm he created and called “fantasized hell.” From caretaker, punishers, to beasts, and more, readers are sure to unravel fascinating facts, characters, and plots that will leave them captivated until the last page. The Secret to Hell is about to unfold in this riveting fantasy fiction.

God reined the worlds with amity and harmony. Potent sovereigns were preferred to lead different worlds. They were also called as principal minders of God. After giving all the worlds, there was one left, which was indistinct and masked in shadows. Then, God took great care in crafting this specific world, which is now called as Earth. On the last day of creation, God created the humans. Lucifer, the chief Archangel, opposed God and because of his greed, formed a rebellion against Him. He lured other angels with the promise of power.

In the great clash that followed, Lucifer and his legion were defeated and hurled down. They became “Fallen Angels” after their fall from paradise. Lucifer became Satan and formed his own world called “Hell”, where he transformed his followers into perilous beasts and assigned them as Castigators of Hell. Later, Satan married a dark lady named Satinsi, whom he met on that world, Satosar, where he fell. She gave birth to Fiendal, who is raised in the world of Trasavar, the land of dark ones.

While growing up, Fiendal came to know about his father that once he lost a battle with God. So, to re-establish the honor of his father, he plotted a war, but not with God. His intention is to go against the principal minders, defeat them and build an enormous legion utilizing their armies, which he will use to destroy God. His plan is to first strike against one of the Principal minder, Cirosas, ruler of world Cirosas. But in the great battle something unusual happened. Readers can witness the events unfold and unlock “The Secret to Hell.”

Not intended as a religious book, The Secret to Hell is plainly a story that portrays the author’s fantasized depiction of hell. From plot to characters to environment to languages used, everything is a strand of Gude’s creative and literary brilliance. This is just the first installment of Gude’s new absorbing book series; there’s more to come and more secrets to unravel. The Secret to Hell is enrolled in Xlibris’ Bookstore Returnability Program, which gives booksellers the convenient option of returning excess stocks through Ingram Distribution.

About the Author
K.C. Gude, born on August13th, 1985 is a graduate in Electrical Engineering. One wonders “An electrical student written a book, ha ha. That’s unbelievable”, but this is factual and he had carved a book. His passion for fantasy started in his initial years of childhood, probably at the age of eleven. And this is the only force, “passion” that drove him to complete this tome. His concerns comprise of fantasy worlds, nature beauty, human relations and matters about outer space. Mr. Gude got the original idea of “The Secret to hell” back in the year 2006 and it took him all these four years to complete this tome. Not only this tome but a series is planned with many other secrets to be revealed.

The Secret to Hell * by K.C. Gude
The Hidden Secret of Amazon
Publication Date: March 17, 2010
Trade Paperback; $23.99; 509 pages; 978-1-4415-8276-8
Trade Hardback; $34. 99; 509 pages; 978-1-4415-8277-5

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