Record Your Voice for Distant Friends and Future Generations

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NH tech start up bridges the voice mail - e-mail gap

Create your priceless verbal legacy by telling your story with your own voice; connect across generations through familiar technology

Remembered Voices announces their February 21, 2010 launch of an archive system that helps members create voice recordings for posterity, using a telephone or internet connection. Friends and family can retrieve the recordings online and by phone, 24/7, for the duration of the archive.

The system functions a bit like voice mail or an answering machine; the account holder places a call or logs in, records a message, and friends listen to the message. However, here’s where things get interesting: the message can be up to an hour long, and friends can listen both by phone and online. Unlike voice mail, the recordings are archived for 5 years, with the option to extend storage for several years more.

Here’s an example. Using her telephone or cell phone, a grandmother calls the Remembered Voices 800 number and records a bedtime story, a recipe, and all about her childhood. Her grandson, deployed halfway round the world, listens at 4 AM on his laptop. Her daughter listens at 5 PM through her cell phone. Four years later, all the kids suddenly have an interest in hearing about “the old days”, especially when it’s their grandparent doing the talking.

Remembered Voices provides a way to save and create recordings in a long term archive, safely and reliably, with long term storage and repeated playback, any time and as as often as desired. Account holders can convert old tape cassettes to MP3 and upload to a dedicated server; all recordings are protected against viruses, power surges, fires, and drops in sound quality. The content of recordings can be anything - a baby’s first words, a daily journal, the purring of a cat, a family conversation about genealogy and reminiscences.

Remembered Voices has pioneered an easy to use system interface that links generations with age appropriate technology. The ability to add and retrieve recordings within the archive, using either a land line, cell phone or a computer microphone, allows an individual uncomfortable with new technology to participate in new forms of communication and connection. The global 24/7 access allows recording and listening at everyone’s convenience.

Voice recordings are a unique and affordable experience for strengthening the bonds between friends and family members, providing companionship in ways that video or text is limited. Remembered Voices will help customers create, share, and safeguard their verbal history.


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