Waking Up Your Business: Tapping Into the Most Powerful Business Trend in Decades to Create Your Long-lasting Successful Brand

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There's never been a time in history like today that gives entrepreneurs a way to create the wildly successful business of their dreams—thanks to unlimited information and global distribution at their fingertips. Millions are spent every year with often little to show for it except disappointment, confusion, and overwhelm. So with all this access and activity, why do so many people feel like their business is falling apart?

The National Association of Marketing Consultants is pleased and excited to present award winning business visionary, author, and entrepreneur, Kim Castle, sharing the business success secrets she has discovered by working alongside Fortune 500 companies and guiding small business owners for almost two decades.

During one of the most turbulent economic times in history, the business world is seeing an evident shift in the way micro businesses are operating their companies. Entrepreneurs are now being challenged to look deep into the heart and soul of their business, and looking at it with a different mindset – using business to give back, but in a totally innovate way.

Don't miss this thought-provoking teleseminar interview with brand strategist and award-winning BrandU co-creator Kim Castle as she openly shares the real definition of “conscious business” and why developing your brand is imperative for a thriving business.

You’ll Discover:

  • What's really going on in the tumultuous world of business today, and how it affects your bottom line today AND for several years to come,
  • The global shift that is having a profound impact on business today and how you can build a thriving business by getting ahead of it,
  • The biggest problem facing entrepreneurs today and how to remove it permanently,
  • The truth of what a brand really is,
  • The biggest brand-killing mistakes small business owners make without even realizing it,
  • Where the most powerful source of knowledge is to build your brand.

Kim Castle, co-founder of Intention Products, is a business visionary, author, and entrepreneur, and has been working alongside Fortune 500 companies and guiding small business owners for almost two decades. She has indelibly touched thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the world with her brilliantly insightful message and powerful entrepreneurial curriculum that she and partner W. Vito Montone developed into “BrandU.”

The BrandU Business Profit System is a process-based results-driven, three stage approach to business development, created especially for creative entrepreneurs to grow beyond the confusion of possibility to the power of extreme clarity—from idea, to brand, to sales in the market.

Kim has worked tirelessly to empower business owners to gain more freedom, more money-making expression, and more life. Documented in her best selling programs, Clearing the Path, Power Path, Brand Power and Market Power, Kim Castle proves that there is a reliable path to grow a business while giving customers what they want today—a deeply personal touch. These three programs tangibly give entrepreneurs the power to prove that they have what it takes to build a flourishing, innovative, and whole sustainable business.

Kim Castle doesn’t just speak; she holds out her hand to support entrepreneurs to experience clarity all the way to the bank™.

She has spoken alongside today's greatest business minds including: T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Sugarman, Jay Abraham, Wally Amos and many others and was nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal's Woman Making a Difference Award. Her Conscious Entrepreneur Experience show is about to be released as an interactive 2-DVD set.

The National Association of Marketing Consultants (NAMC) was launched in January 2010. Their mission is to help their members create a profitable and healthy business by providing ideas, training, educational opportunities, and practical tactics and strategies that apply to the everyday situations faced by small business owners, as well as networking and joint venture opportunities.

Sandy Reed, the President and Founder of the NAMC, is a Certified Life Coach and the CFO/Co-owner of Uniquity Builders, Inc. She has acquired hands-on business experience and "street smarts" by working as a corporate manager for 24 years, as well as utilizing marketing strategies in her own businesses for the last 15 years. Sandy's business building articles have been published in Simply Home and True Wealth Magazines. She can be reached at sandy(at)namc-connect(dot)com or 209-772-9200.

Get more information and register for this thought-provoking and business enriching teleseminar at http://www.iawife.com/media.

Pick-up your Free Report, "5 Marketing Strategies You Must Use to Thrive in Any Economy" at http://www.namc-connect.com.


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