'Whats's My Phone Worth?' Offers New Comparison Service for Used Mobile Phones - Make Money whilst Saving the Environment

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New price comparison service from 'What's My Phone Worth?' compares the leading mobile phone recyclers in the UK, enabling users to find the best deals for recycling their old mobile phones for cash

Recycling old mobile phones is a safe and easy way to go green and help to protect the environment.

With the constant influx of new mobile phones, it seems that people are buying a new phone almost monthly. But what happens to their old phones? According to 'What's My Phone Worth?', most people are not aware of mobile phone recycling or the important role it plays in protecting the earth from the dangerous elements contained in mobile phones. Recycling old mobile phones is a safe and easy way to go green and help to protect the environment.

There are thousands of mobile phones laying in drawers and garages just waiting to be recycled. Some private companies will pay for old mobile phones. This is a great way to raise cash and help the environment at the same time! 'What's My Phone Worth?' is a new comparison service to help users compare mobile phone recycling companies, in order for them to find the best cash value for their old phones. Searching through thousands of prices for phones from the latest gadgets such as Apple iPhones to classic models like the Nokia 3120, one can easily find the best price for old phones from the top recyclers in the UK.

Mobile phones contain Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium and other toxic substances. When the phones are thrown into the landfills, these chemicals seep into the water table and raise the levels of chemicals in the water. When mobile phones are burned these chemicals rise up into the atmosphere reducing the quality of the air. When it rains, the chemicals that have been released during burning are then returned to the earth causing more damage to the water table.

As awareness rises about the damage mobile phones pose, more and more people are recycling them. Some people however are not aware these programs exist. Not only does recycling prevent the addition of harmful toxins to our water and air, but it also helps to increase the stock of certain metals. A little known fact about recycling is that by recycling electronic products, the earth's natural resources can be protected. When precious metals such as gold, silver and copper are recovered through recycling it means that less of these metals have to be mined.

Whether users choose to sell their old mobile phone to one of these companies, donate it to a non-profit organization or recycle it at a recycling center that takes mobile phones, they can help the environment by recycling their mobile phone.


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