Aftercad Software Announces Entry Into Nascent Cloud Gaming Market With New Approach to 'Zero-Wait-State Gaming'

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Aftercad Software is pleased to announce that it has entered the nascent cloud gaming market with Project Immersion, the logical next step beyond Onlive, OTOY and other PC-Over-IP efforts for Zero-Wait-State Gaming.

Aftercad Software is pleased to announce that it has entered the nascent cloud gaming market with Project Immersion, the logical next step beyond Onlive, OTOY and other PC-Over-IP efforts for Zero-Wait-State Gaming.

Demoed at GDC 2010 in San Francisco, the Aftercad Immersion Project is being received as possibly a more practical and acceptable approach to the goal of what has been coined "Zero-Wait-State Gaming". "If you are going to stick it out on the web then you've gotta keep it to open web standards so that the little guy can get in and people can consume the content how they want to. This is the new social media paradigm for 3D and we feel our approach is the future." said Christopher Boothroyd, CEO of Aftercad Software.

"Sometimes to really open up an opportunity, you need to come at it from a completely different angle. Cloud Gaming and Cloud 3D markets in general are about to undergo a major transition from being under the purview of a group of technicians and enthusiasts to wide spread participation by everyone. This is an opportunity that will radically change communications and social media with richer interactive content. To be a part of this is exciting to say the least. Our approach is based on our 3D CAD background and the leveraging of our patent pending Live Web technologies. This gives us an edge by opening up the entire process." Efforts like Onlive and OTOY utilize what is technically called PC-Over-IP, that is the remote display of something running on a server in the cloud, the capture of user's keyboard, mouse and peripheral inputs and sending that back to the server as quickly as possible in order to keep latency down and the experience tight. "This works well and I sincerely think these guys are going to replace the console but it is one closed loop system replacing another closed loop system"

Aftercad's approach is accomplished by the combination of server and client side rendering with client side AJAX UI coding. There is no client side application to install, it 'simply works immediately' in the web browser with no user environmental interruptions. In addition to this zero-wait-state content delivery, the Aftercad approach utilizes Software-as-a-Service methods to create a fully interactive client side UI that works in perfect unison with the server side rendering to create a low latency, high response environment where there are no restrictions on the complexity and fidelity of the 3D content being delivered. "Of high importance in this effort is to keep the deployment of this new medium inline with current and future web programming efforts so developers don't have to learn new scripting languages and spend more capital on integrating yet more plugins, which people typically wont install anyway." Aftercad's new approach works entirely within the current web architecture without the introduction of the plugins necessary for Onlive, OTOY or PC-Over-IP in general.

"Think about this as points on a graph, first we had mainframe/thin client architecture, then the PC and consoles took over and Gaming was born, now the pendulum has swung all the way back to running the complex 3D apps server side with a thin client side app. The next point on the graph is to open that loop up with a much richer information flow between the server and the browser as the client app." This has many advantages over a PC-Over-IP approach in that latency becomes much less of an issue and because there is a rich data flow between the browser and the server, it will be much quicker, easier and ultimately cheaper to integrate with other web browser offerings from other vendors. "There is no reason Games and 3D Apps shouldn't be part of the Software-as-a-Service revolution as well, a sentiment we share with Google." As HTML5 begins to take shape, Aftercad's new zero-wait-state method will also leverage WebGL and other browser innovations to deliver the best possible optimized 3D web content experience, using both server and client side rendering.

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