Outsourcing Consultants, Inc. Presents Revolutionary Regulatory Solutions for Businesses

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Outsourcing Consultants, Inc. (OCI) has developed a comprehensive solution for businesses to maintain compliance with the new regulatory laws. OCI's system is integrated, cost effective, and truly liability friendly. Clients become more profitable, more focused on core business functions, and sleep very well at night.

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Outsourcing Consultants, Inc. (OCI) http://ocihr.com/ has developed a comprehensive solution for businesses to maintain compliance with the new regulatory laws. Steve Freeman, president of OCI states, “Our solution is not a one size fits all setup. We are able to tailor make a comprehensive solution that is specific to each client and their unique needs. The other major advantage to our solution is that the client is able to share all of the liabilities with the outsourced company and all of their needs are taken care of by one source. No more calling different vendors for different areas and working to integrate all the different solutions. Our system is integrated, cost effective, and truly liability friendly. Our clients become more profitable, more focused on core business functions, and sleep very well at night.”

When asked about the costs of such an all encompassing solution with liability sharing, Mr. Freeman answered, “Some clients see overall cost savings because of the leverage created by integrating all of the systems together. Other clients see a minimal cost of about one part time employee.” Compare that to hiring a half dozen specialists and administrative personnel along with the liability sharing aspect and one can see this is truly leveling the playing field for businesses.

OCI’s solution could not have come at a better time. 2009 shaped up to be one of the most prolific years for regulatory changes for businesses and 2010 is on pace to continue the tidal wave of changes that expose companies of all sizes to increased risks, more lawsuits, and additional fines. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) retaliation claims alone increased 23% as of Sept 2008, and preliminary 2009 data looks to be even higher. Data shows that over 80,000 charges are filed against employers under statutes enforced by the EEOC, and more than half of those claims are brought against companies with fewer than 100 employees—companies that are rarely prepared to deal with such actions. Even if the claims are found to be groundless or fraudulent, defense costs for a single charge can easily exceed $70,000.

Data shows that regulatory citations and lawsuits have dramatically increased with recent FMLA law changes, tighter OSHA requirements recently introduced, ADA enforcement lawsuits and fines, Workers’ Compensation claims, the Cobra subsidy extension, The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, etc. These and other changes are creating a huge amount of administrative red tape for companies and opening up large areas of vulnerabilities for companies and their management. Up to this point, companies had 2 major options to address these issues: 1 - Hire human resource specialists, legal representation, and administrative staff to keep up with the laws, documentation, and red tape that adds over $500,000 a year in salary to the companies overhead. 2 – Outsource these functions to various human resource organizations that created its own set of management issues because there was not one solution for all of these issues. Companies have to go out to several specialized outsourcing firms that only handle portions of their problems. On top of this, the liability still falls directly on the company. The business was handing the work over to another outside company, but still retained all of the responsibility. If anything, this solution causes more fear in business owners, hoping the outsourcing companies are truly covering them adequately.

Mr. Freeman made one last comment, “As good as our solution is, there is still a consistent attitude across business owners and managers. They feel like since they have been good for the last 20 years with no problems, that they have everything under control. The sad truth is that a lot of our clients learned the hard way and came to us after the lawsuit or regulatory fine, etc. We want to get the word out before that happens. Not only because the reduced liability, but because we can help propel their business to a new level of profitability. It only takes a few minute phone call to answer their questions and let them see the benefit.” More information is available by calling (866) 933-7361 or by visiting OCI’s website http://ocihr.com/. OCI also has an online business newsletter at http://outsourcingconsultantsinc.blogspot.com/.


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