MySpace Music Masterpiece – The Zen Of Customizing Layouts is the First, Complete MySpace Music Profiles Development Course

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ViMu Ventures announces the launch of Myspace Music Masterpiece, a myspace music layouts development video course made by a musician for all the musicians, bands and music labels who need to stand out from the crowd and promote professionally their talents to the universe. The Zen Of Customizing Layouts reveals all the pros most kept secrets teaching step by step how to turn a simple MySpace band profile into an inescapable fans magnet. and eventually much more.

Finally a system specifically created for the growing number of DIY musicians and independent labels which can rely solely on their web presence as the main foundation for their promotion.

MySpace Music Masterpiece teaches in great details how to develop a professionally looking MySpace music layout.

The Zen Of Customizing Layouts system can be followed by everybody, it does not require having any previous coding knowledge, drawing skills or design training whatsoever and it takes advantage of only free open-source software fully compatible with windows, Linux and Apple operating systems.

This new tool by ViMu Ventures is actually more than just tutorials, it is a tested formula directly connected to sold out gigs and an instant burst of merchandise and CD sales. Learn how at

MySpace Music Masterpiece is the result of some extensive researches through the work of famous designers and the graphical and structural web choices of some of the most popular bands online these days.

This program presents only real tested today’s trends and guides anybody through the less time consuming way to design an outstanding MySpace band profile without risking to get “lost in customization” trying to reinvent the wheel.

Perception is the key and The Zen Of Customizing Layouts knows it well!

No matter what the real world size of the music being promoted is, what counts the most is simply how people perceive it within those first, crucial five seconds when they visit the band's MySpace page for the first time. Their immediate unconscious reaction is to compare that layout with all those of the most famous rockstar they ever went through.

This analogy is a powerful promotional weapon and the MySpace Music Masterpiece is showing how to take full advantage of it from A to Z. The course also uncovers important aspects of the psychology of colors and the colors matching art, guiding through the use of some amazing free software which will take care extensively of all this and much more.

The course itself consists of thirteen video lessons and one ebook, which are all organized into three modules. The program includes some brainstorming techniques which will reveal to be really helpful especially in the very early stages of the process, actually even before the ideas of what the best graphical solutions should be crystallize.

The best part is that anybody who will go through the Myspace Music Masterpiece – The Zen Of Customizing Layouts system will gain invaluable knowledge and competences which will turn up to be essential to succeed with any other promotional work in support of their art, whether that would be creating a poster, an album cover, their own website, a logo.

All activities which would cost a fortune to be outsourced.

This is a real life changing opportunity for musicians and independent labels who are willing to make that extra effort and do themselves what today would actually cost them around 3000$. When the MySpace music layout equals the musician's face to the world audience, it is definitely necessary to squeeze the most out of it and look professional and huge.

Only for a limited time everybody can now download a free copy of the MySpace Music Profiles Customization Blueprint and start immediately to be astonished by the results that this knowledge will bring to their careers.


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