John Moore Services Now Offers Water Heater Repair

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John Moore Services is one of Houston’s best known home repair companies. They can solve problems such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and even pest control. Now they are offering water heater repair in Houston. Their experienced plumbers can replace water heaters that are not producing hot water anymore. A broken water heater can mean a house will not have hot water and that can lead to discomfort for the homeowner and anyone else living in the home. John Moore Services is now capable of fixing this problem along with many other home repair issues. Anyone who wants to have water heater repair in Houston can now call John Moore for help.

John Moore Services is announcing a new service in addition to their plumbing services – water heater repair in Houston. Many in Houston like to take long, warm showers either in the morning or the evening. Without a working hot water heater, the water’s temperature becomes cold and uncomfortable. If the problem turns out to be the water heater, it is recommended that a professional be the one who replaces it. It takes a skilled hand to replace a water heater correctly. John Moore Services has trained their plumbers in Houston to be able to replace hot water heaters. They can repair, replace or install a hot water heater that will produce hot water and make taking showers a comfortable experience again. John Moore’s plumbers will evaluate a person’s home to determine the best hot water heater to install. A hot water heater is based on the size of the home. It should be able to supply hot water to all plumbing fixtures in a single home. John Moore’s plumbers have the experience and skill needed to install a hot water heater right. All it takes is one phone call and John Moore’s plumbers will be on the scene ready to install or repair a person’s hot water heater.

John Moore Services also provides homeowners a way to save money on energy bills by installing tankless water heaters. These types of tanks will supply hot water only when it is needed. Also, they do not produce the standby energy losses that most standard water heaters are known for and this saves homeowners money. It works by having a gas burner or an electric element heating up the water. When someone turns on a hot water tap, cold water will run through it first and it is this water that is heated up. This allows the tankless hot water heater to deliver hot water constantly. This will shave off a few seconds of wait time for those who want hot water sooner. Tankless water heaters can provide hot water at about 2 to 5 gallons per minute.

John Moore Services has made it a main goal to help people in Houston live more comfortably. With water heater repair in Houston, they can make taking a shower or a bath a better experience. This also helps when washing dishes or clothes or just cleaning the house up. For 45 years, John Moore has committed itself to providing excellent service to its customers whether it is plumbing repair, fixing an air conditioner or solving an electrical problem, John Moore has been able to help Houstonians live better. Now with hot water heater repair, they can make Houstonians lives even better than before. It just takes one phone call and John Moore’s plumbers will arrive shortly armed with solutions for a person’s hot water tank problems.

About John Moore Services:
John Moore Services has provided repairs for issues such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, window replacement and hot water tank replacement since 1965. They have helped Houstonians gain more comfort in their homes thanks to their ability to solve a problem fast and take care of all of the customer’s needs. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced, so they know exactly what to do when faced with a problem. They have maintained a high standard of excellence for 45 years and plan on continuing that tradition. For more, log on to


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