Baseball Hitting Tips: How To Turn Your Child Into A Four Hundred Hitter-Top Doctor Develops New Baseball Program

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New program and a free book teaches parents, athletes and coaches how to master the psychology of hitting and how to end hitting slumps. It includes 101 hitting tips and 18 simple ways to get into the zone in just one minute.

Once a player understands what they need to do mentally and physically when they come up to bat, they tend to raise their batting average significantly.

Parents, young athletes and coaches are always looking for ways to help players break hitting slumps and perform their best at the plate. To be a great hitter, a player needs to master both the physical and mental aspects of batting.

And once the mind and body are in sync and working together on a regular basis, a baseball player just may be able to be a four hundred hitter.

To hit the way a consistent major leaguer hits, a developing athletes needs to know how to be calm, confident, focused and positive when they step onto the field. Furthemore, they need to be mentally tough in the batter's box and have to be able to take control of the strike zone.

Every day, Dr. Granat, the author of the new cd program and book gets calls and emails from players, coaches and parents who are concerned about hitting problems.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Founder of works closely with hitters and their coaches. According to Granat, "Once a player understands what they need to do mentally and physically when they come up to bat, they tend to raise their batting average significantly."

Baseball players typically call when they are struggling. Some are nervous at the plate. Some are being pressured by coaches, scouts or parents. Others are stuck in slumps. Some hitters are great in the cage but terrible when the game is on the line.

According to Granat, who has been featured in many major media outlets including The New York Times, Good Morning America, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, Sporting News and Tennis Magazine, "There is some debate as how much of hitting is mental. Some think hitting is ninety per cent mental and others think it is thirty per cent mental. However, if one believes that the mind plays an important role in batting, then an individual who wants to improve needs to devote some percentage of training time and energy to training the mind to get into the zone when you get to the ball park."

Hitters get into their zone differently and it is important for every player to know what helps him or her to ease into this comfortable and confident state of mind. One player needs to calm himself to hit well. Another needs more energy to hit well.

This new program and the free book, Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute, show baseball players dozens of techniques for ending slumps and for hitting with more power, consistency and confidence.

"Most players like to load the CD chapters onto their Ipods. They listen in the locker room, in the bus or in the dugout. The program shows them how to get in the zone and Stay in the zone," says Granat. It is called 101 Ways To Break A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology.

To get these hitting tips go to this link:

This time of year baseball and softball players flock to Dr. Granat so they can get the season off to a good start and avoid slumps. "I see lots of baseball hitters who I have seen in the past. They come in for a tune up. I teach many of them self-hypnosis, visualization and meditation. I also have a number of guided imagery techniques for baseball hitters and pitchers," notes Granat.

Dr. Granat welcomes questions from players, parents and coaches. Feel free to call him at 888 580-ZONE or write him at

Dr. Granat is also available to deliver seminars to your team or organization, call his office at 201 647-9191. Hitting coaches can also reach Dr. Granat at 201 647-9191.


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