Iso-Soccer Extreme 2010: Launching a Brand New Sport and Nationwide Recruiting of a New Generation of Superstar Athletes Using Reality TV

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This spring of 2010 the world will witness the birth of a fantastic brand new sport, Iso-soccer, and a new generation of superstar athletes. Iso-soccer is designed to meet the sophisticated taste of 21st century athletes and sports fans and offers exciting sports careers and business opportunities for both men and women globally. In a tough economic environment Iso-soccer presents a cost-effective marketing solution for advertisers and sponsors.

The Iso-soccer Arena

From the revolutionary design of the court, rules and regulations, and technical elements, Iso-soccer fulfills every fantasy of the sports enthusiast.

Here in the USA, there are many talented soccer players and other athletes who never get the chance to try out for college or professional sports teams. In spite of their best efforts, they are passed over year after year, to the dismay of parents and loved ones who get weary of the emotional and financial toll. Eventually the dream gets dim, passion waxes cold and a budding star is lost. All over the world, many have suffered such a fate and many more face a similar predicament each year. For those sportsmen and women seeking a way out, Iso-soccer is a compelling and worthy alternative. As well, it is a viable option for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in breaking into the sports arena.

Iso-soccer provides extreme sports entertainment, minus the risks. It is played on a 40 X 40 yard court with four goalposts. The ball is kicked, as in soccer; however, two teams of six players each take turns playing defense or offense in each of the two five-minute terms per quarter. Goals are worth 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points depending on which part of the court they are scored from, and for every minute the defense team does not concede a goal, they gain points, increasing from 1 to 5 points per minute. Furthermore, the defense team can score a “Takeover” when a defense player is able to enter the core zone or center circle with the ball. A takeover is worth 5 points and is similar to a touchdown in American football. Thus, from the revolutionary design of the court, rules and regulations, and technical elements, Iso-soccer fulfills every fantasy of the sports enthusiast. “Iso” players and coaches will appreciate its athletic and strategic demands and fans will love the highly dynamic and explosive action on the Iso-soccer court.

Isosports International, Inc is pleased to announce the launching of Iso-soccer this spring of 2010 in Dallas, Texas. Soccer players and coaches will be challenged to demonstrate their skill on the Iso-soccer court, in a series of reality-type contests and games for various rewards and prizes and a chance to feature in the national Iso-soccer launching tournament scheduled for the summer of 2010: the winning team will advance to represent the country at the international launching tournament in the fall of 2010. The social networking features of our website allows for an easy signup process and grassroots participation from any part of the country. Interested athletes, coaches, sports professionals and the general public with access to the internet can sign-up on our website, to begin the audition process, create amateur “Iso” clubs and connect with other contestants in their cities and communities for Iso-soccer practices, games and strategic support.

The story of Iso-soccer began about six years ago after the inventor, Solomon Ofori-Ansah, graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK and took a substitute teacher position in the Tulsa Public Schools. One of the classes he taught was P.E. However, having arrived to the United States just a few years prior, from Ghana, West Africa, he was unfamiliar with most of the American P. E. games and resorted to creating his own for the students, inspired by some of the soccer games he played growing up. At the time, he thought the games could be used in a sports reality show, in the same way as the challenges in the reality show, ‘Survivor’. However, the concepts evolved and developed into an entirely new entity and hence the name “Iso” as in isotopes, because although it shares some similarities with soccer, Iso-soccer is unique and significantly different in a new and exciting way. Iso-soccer is currently patent-pending.

Isosports International, Inc is a sports, media and entertainment company founded in 2007. Based in Dallas, Texas, it is the mission of Isosports to pioneer the development of 21st century sports and entertainment systems.


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