Ryzex and LXE Team Up to Show How Your Company Can Achieve Near Perfect Accuracy?

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Learn how to improve accuracy levels with hands free computers and barcode scanners. Ryzex and LXE team up to provide hands free solutions.

"...with the availability of hands free and voice-enabled technology, accuracy rates are reaching incredible heights."

Ryzex and LXE continue partnership by promoting hands free mobile technology solutions which can help a company achieve near perfect accuracy rates.

It tends to be the topic amongst many companies these days – do more with less. Companies are challenged to improve accuracy and efficiency, but with fewer resources. Technology has never been more relied upon until now to help achieve maximum productivity and reduce costs. Although mobile handheld computers have been proven to help boost productivity and increase order accuracy, there are additional operational improvements that are often left behind.

According to a study by the Warehousing Education and Research Council, traditional handheld computers played a huge role in helping the Best In Class Order Index (POI) reach a high of 99.1%. This index consists of four measures 1) complete, 2) on time delivery 3) damage free 4) correct documentation and pricing/invoicing. Although 99.1% seems like an acceptable number, consider the following:

A warehouse that picks 100 cases per hour with an accuracy rate of 99.6% incurs 42,240 errors per year.

Boosting that accuracy rate just a bit, to 99.95%, will reduce errors by 36,960 per year.

If each error cost a conservative $15, that amounts to $554,400 a year in savings.

Improving accuracy rates to near perfect levels has often been difficult, but with the availability of hands free and voice-enabled technology, accuracy rates are reaching incredible heights. But the benefits don’t stop there. Many companies using a hands free solution experience improved customer service, decreased training time, a reduction in damages and accidents, increased employee satisfaction and increased compliance.

Hands free and voice-enabled devices are available in different shapes and sizes:

1. Wearable computer: Worn on the wrist or belt, wearable computers easily free up hands. An optional finger-worn ring scanner allows the user to scan barcodes easily and quickly, without the hassle of picking a device up. With this solution, the time spent picking up and re-holstering a handheld device is eliminated and the level of error from an interrupted process is greatly reduced. Given that wearable computers can run most applications that handheld computers do, integration of wearable computers into an existing warehouse operation that already uses handheld devices requires little change.
2. Voice-enabled wearable computers: Depending on the level of interaction required with the screen and keyboard, a voice-enabled computer can be worn on the wrist or belt. In conjunction with the computer, the user also wears a wire or wireless headset that captures the voice input and sends data to the computer. Optionally, a ring scanner can be worn if scanning barcodes is necessary.
3. Voice enabled or vehicle-mount computers: Depending on the function and user preferences, voice-enabled handheld or vehicle-mount computers can be used.
4. Bluetooth ring scanner: Allows the user to easily and quickly scan barcodes without picking up a handheld scanner and then reholstering it. It is worn comfortably on the finger and a convenient thumb button let the user scan effortlessly. The worker has the ability to do other tasks such as move boxes without having to take off the ring scanner.

Today, hands free and voice-enabled devices play a part in many areas of a business, including picking, replenishment, shipping, inventory control, receiving, packing, reverse logistics, put-away, quality assurance and value-added services.

The benefits and ROI of a hands free solution are too great to look past; here are some things to consider before going hands free.

1. A hands free solution is meant to improve basic warehouse functionalities. If you have process issues, hands free can only take you so far. It is a recommended to address these issues before implementing a hands free solution.
2. Hands free solutions may not be the best option for all applications and settings, but in most cases the potential ROI is too great to ignore.
3. Consider these features of hands free devices:
a. Ergonomics: The device should be comfortable for any size user. It should not exceed one pound and should be able to be removed or put on in about 5 seconds.
b. Open Platform: Choosing software agnostic hardware and wireless infrastructures ensures your application will be able to run on the device.
c. Programmability: You should be able to customize the user interface to your specific needs.

To see full 13 page Hands Free Industry Report, click here. You can also call us to discuss what a hands-free environment looks like and if could benefit your company.

Ryzex is an LXE Premier Partner and a leading provider of worldwide mobile technology solutions, committed to helping our customers realize the greatest return on their technology investments. We advise and implement the best solution for our customers’ needs, ensure that solution is always running for maximum uptime and provide actionable data for business insight.

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