Self Defense – it’s not all Physical says Cathy Gregg: Self Defense Expert now Conducting Seminars for Families and Corporations Alike to Protect Against the Unexpected

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The potential for physical violence is ever present, whether in the home, school or workplace. How people deal with a personal confrontation can determine the outcome. With a bit of knowledge on self defense both verbal and physical many disastrous may be avoided. It is about being prepared for the unexpected. Cathy Gregg is now conducting seminars around the country to train families and corporations simple but effective methods on preparing for the unexpected. Gregg states “It’s not all physical”.

self defense should be learned at all ages, but especially in the senior years when criminals target victims for violence because of perceived physical weakness.

In 1968, Gary Becker from the University of Chicago created the Becker model which states, “that an individual would commit a crime if the benefits of commiting the crime outweigh the costs of commiting the crime”. This argument asserts that if jobs are down, that also means police support and protection are down. A recession may lead desperate people to turn to illegal alternatives. USA Today reports that a $4 billion stimulus package reserved for law enforcement may bring some support, but crime still exists; no matter what the financial state of a society. Crime on college campuses is no secret and widespread. Bonnie Fisher reports in her book Crime and Fear on Campus that a college freshman was “brutally raped and strangled by a fellow student”. No environment is sacred from violence.

Lt. Jacqui MacConnell of Maryvale Police Precinct comments that “sexual offenses are the largest safety concern for women and the most often committed crime against women”. When adrenalin is triggered due to a sudden assailant, the mind can directly go to panic or to self preservation. People need to train themselves or learn to redirect that adrenalin to the self preservation mode. In this day and age, women and children find themselves alone more often than ever before, whether in their own homes or out shopping, even though they are surrounded by strangers. With so many stories about females being attacked while onlookers pass by, women need to be aware of their surroundings.

Is it possible for a woman, child, or senior citizen to defend them self from an assailant who is much larger and stronger than them? Older people are much more vulnerable than ever today with the lack of respect that is more common. Cathy Gregg, self-defense trainer with Caution Unlimited in Scottsdale, AZ, feels that “self defense should be learned at all ages, but especially in the senior years when criminals target victims for violence because of perceived physical weakness.” When most people think of self defense, they first think of martial arts. People “need to be able to talk themselves out of a situation,” says Cathy Gregg. People need to re-train their brains to first think of talking their way out of situations and when that fails, turn towards the physical means of defense.

On another note, although percentages of aggression in the work place have a wide range, violence is still a real threat. Nationwide surveys have reported that almost half of the workers in America have experienced some kind of physical or verbal attack during their work day. Many corporations now are taking a responsibility in the welfare and improvement of their employees’ lives. “While working or on duty, US residents experience 1.7 million violent victimizations annually. Workplace violence accounts for 18% of all violent crime” per Cathy Gregg, Caution Unlimited.

Within the current economic climate, society is also seeing a new kind of criminal. Unfortunately, this new criminal is much younger and does not understand the ramifications of pointing a gun in someone’s face or taking a life. Which means they are quicker to pull a gun and much quicker to pull the trigger. If taught how to refocus adrenaline, the chances of a potential victim talking their way out of the situation increase and when a potential victim is calm during an attack, the assailant usually tends to calm down and the situation does not escalate and become out of control.

As a society, it is now necessary that people educate themselves and be prepared to protect themselves and their children rather than rely on someone else to take care of it. The simple fact is that someday, the people that society relies on to protect them might not be there when they need them. Cathy Gregg says, “being prepared can make the difference between being a victim and surviving a criminal assault.” These techniques are being taught in my seminars and build confidence and strength for the otherwise unprepared.

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