eFusion Now Offers the Widest Choices Among Security Systems

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Maxxess extends its lead in nonproprietary, open systems

Maxxess Systems today announced that its award winning eFusion security software will now offer customers more choices than any other security management system. These choices range from architectural to networking to integration to hardware choices.

The eFusion features added in the last twelve months on Maxxess projects include:
1. OPC connectivity
2. SNMP Messaging
3. LDAP Integration
4. Server Virtualization using Microsoft VS or VMware
5. High Availability using Marathon Technologies EverRun
6. Network Redundancy
7. Extended thin client capabilities
8. Integration to Building Management Systems, including HVAC, lighting, etc.
9. Integration with additional major access controller hardware- Mercury, HID and others
10. OSDP reader integration
11. Wireless lock integration

Other eFusion functionality includes:
12. IP connectivity
13. Integration with major relational databases
14. Integration to most major video NVRs, DVRs, IP cameras, including new integrations to Mobotix, Panasonic, VideoIQ and IQinVision
15. Integration to the major fire panels including Honeywell Firelite, Siemens, Notifier, Airtech and many more
16. Integration to the major intrusion panels including Bosch, Napco, Ademco, DMP and many more
17. Integration to the major receiver protocols including Bosch BFSK, Modem II, IIE, 3A and many more
18. Integration to the major alarm receivers including Bosch, Inovonics and many more
19. Direct alarm monitoring
20. Multiple access control architectures- single door, multiple doors, wide area and mustering
21. Integration to the major readers- HID, Farpointe and others
22. Integration to elevators
23. Integration to security frameworks
24. Integration to remote off-line PDA readers
25. Integration to most third party software products

Jim Gompers, founder and President and CEO of Gompers Inc. stated, “eFusion provides customers with the most complete integration at the device, network, software and database levels.”

Gompers added, “By providing customers with the widest range of choices, Maxxess can allow those customers to seamlessly transition from their existing systems to new systems with the latest technology. “

Kevin Daly, CEO of Maxxess stated, “Security has become an essential element of virtually all of today’s business operations. Business needs are obliging Electronic Security systems to scale up –to address a much wider set of requirements in substantially more complex environments while meeting stringent cost constraints. “

Daly continued, “These needs drive a system architecture that differs significantly from traditional Electronic Security architectures. Maxxess has responded to this need with eFusion. “

A partial listing of eFusion modules includes:

Access Control- The open architecture of the Access Control module enables flexible security management implementations with multitasking support. The Access Control module provides the power to customize your access control system to your specific needs without requiring advanced technical expertise.

Cardholder Management Module (CMM) – A thin client designed using the latest technologies, Microsoft .NET and SilverLight. The CMM has been designed based on customer requests and suggestions. The CMM user interface is easy to use and allows extensive flexibility in cardholder and access level management.

eBuilding- a suite of software that allows eFusion to receive and send data to systems that use common OPC based protocols. eBuilding enables eFusion to correlate events from it’s wide range of systems and functions with those of BMS and other systems using protocols such as BacNet, LonWorks , Modbus and others common to OPC. This gives eFusion the ability to create scenario- based logic to fine tune security functions, facilities management functions, energy utilization and a wide range of outcomes.

ViewPoint- Designed to use Windows® multiple screen capabilities, one screen shows the Security Management System (SMS) desktop and the second screen displays the live video views associated to the events occurring on the SMS dynamically. ViewPoint allows users to view floor plans, alarm list or transaction logs. At the same time, on the second monitor, users are viewing any of the preconfigured camera views. The video is viewed simultaneously from DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras. A view may also include web resources for viewing public traffic cameras, news and weather sites.    

WebPoint- gives you the power to view and control your security management system from anywhere in the world using a standard browser.

RemotePoint- A hand held device which allows you to immediately check authorization for a member of staff, a visitor or a contractor to be at a particular location at a specific time. RemotePoint is ideal for mustering applications at a safe area is located off-site. The module allows you to track who has left the facility. You do not have to enter a vacated facility looking for employees who have already exited the facility.

Integrator- simplifies the integration of third party systems, such as network management systems, databases, alarm panels, wireless sensors and building management systems. It also supports the APIs [or SDKs] for most video devices. This enables video devices such as NVR’s and IP cameras to send alarms direct to the Maxxess eFusion security management software. When alarms are received, the desktop displays the location of the event using a graphical floor plan and alarm icons.

Visitor Management- a sophisticated enterprise-level solution that is designed to seamlessly integrate with security and business systems. It offers integration with IT infrastructure to link to any ODBC or LDAP directory systems, as well as the capability to create a directory of hosts, integrate with an Active Directory, or even use the employee directory for a single sign-on. Where did this data come from?

EndPoint- a software framework that enhances the interface to any traditional security management system including access control, video, building management and life safety. EndPoint delivers time critical information to one screen, supports multiple sites and consolidates operational decision making.

eTour- provides an essential tool to monitor field personnel who are on assigned tours. eTour ensures check points are reached on time, in the correct order and offer full reporting available of the tour completed.

eROAM- a Patrol Officer Tracking Module that allows patrolmen to record routine and direct dispatch calls. The module can be used to log both non-incident and alarm incidents while the Patrol officer is offline from the eFusion host.

eFusion not only provides a unified operating environment for security but also acts as a bridge between the traditional, proprietary world of security systems and the emerging open systems IP-based world.

The eFusion Server provides a platform for database connection, IP communications and sensor Integration. The scalable architecture can distribute the database and communications services across multiple physical or virtual servers. All servers can be separated and off-site.

eFusion can provide the highest level of availability for security management and access control systems. It can also eliminate single points of failure, protecting the user from unplanned server, storage or network failures as well as planned downtime due to reconfiguration, hardware, and software upgrades. eFusion protects customers from data loss and corruption even during site failures or major disasters.

Bruce Gerbl, Maxxess VP of Sales for North and South America added “eFusion is the ultimate non-proprietary, open security system.”

Gerbl continued, “We designed eFusion to bring a new type of modularity and to address the three target areas of cost, risk and compliance.”

“Best of all”, concluded Gerbl, “eFusion scales three ways- by function, by capacity and by structure. It is this last area, the ability to connect multiple divisions and organizations so they can be treated as one logical unified unit, which makes eFusion so desirable for Enterprise size solutions.

About Maxxess:
Maxxess “Makes Security A Business Advantage”. Maxxess adaptive solutions provide customer’s with operational continuity and investment protection. Our Adaptive Security Architecture allows us to both integrate existing customer security infrastructure and to accommodate future technologies and counter future threats. Maxxess solutions are event-driven, IP-based and integrate most safety, security and emergency management functions. Maxxess Systems is headquartered in Anaheim, California and can be reached at (800) 842-0221 (option 1) or at http://www.maxxess-systems.com.


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