Hard Times for Non-Commercial Radio Stations

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Non-Commercial listener supported radio stations need to weather the financial storm by making wise spending choices. Barnabas Road Media (BRM) can save these stations thousands of dollars over the next 5 years in streaming media costs. BRM offers other cost saving ideas and ways to increase the radio station's online audience.

The Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University published a report titled "A Briefing on the Economy and Charitable Giving" dated December 2008. The report stated, "In general, during economic downturns, giving tends to decline, after adjusting for inflation." One might think this an insignificant fact if the term "in general" meant much during our current economic crisis.

The report goes on to say, "In the longest recession in the last half of the 20th century (1973-1975), giving fell 9.2 percent (adjusted for inflation) and 5.4 percent in 1974 alone." Our current spendaholics in Washington may make this recession much deeper and much longer in duration. Plus, they have even suggested limiting charitable gift tax deductions. This may increase the chances of things getting much worse for Non-Commercial radio stations, which depend on listener financial support for operational costs.

The report also states, "…some donors become non-donors, especially those earning less than $50,000 per year." The report seems to indicate that religious based organizations suffer the most loss in giving during economic hard times.

Barnabas Road is a streaming media hosting service focused on Non-Commercial, religious based radio stations and their business model is constructed to be a for profit business with a ministry based rate structure and service based operational philosophy.

Paul Gathard, President of BRM states, "We have priced our streaming media services to be substantially under our nearest niche market competitor. Yet, we offer the highest quality full-featured streaming media facilities and add additional features without additional costs."

Barnabas Road makes it easy for Non-Commercial radio stations to view a price comparison for streaming media services. Declining giving will force some Non-Commercial radio stations to consider giving up their online simulcast, but Barnabas Road demonstrates how they can save their customers at least $1000 per year and as much as $2500 per year for the smallest Non-Commercial radio broadcasters.

Go to the Barnabas Road's website for suggestions on how to save money and grow your audience. Contact BRM at: 317-865-3611 for more details.


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