New Book Release -- Attack Your Giants; Using King David's Perspective To Overcome Any Goliath You Face

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King David of Israel faced Giants in his life, most notably a giant by the name of Goliath. At the time, Goliath threatened and intimidated the people of Israel, much like the financial, political, unemployment, layoffs, bailouts, health issues, corporate greed and mismanagement "Giants" seem to threaten and intimidate the lives and well being of many people today. The power is available to anyone who wants to develop giant slaying insight to win in the fight against the Giants that threatens the survival and growth of many families, businesses and communities today.

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New book, Attack Your Giants, takes a reader through the mindset, motivation, methods and miracle David used to defeat his Giant and gain the victory for his family and nation.

These are unprecedented times many are living in, the likes of which few have ever seen before. Reports of record job layoffs, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, budget deficits and worldwide financial collapse seem to dominate the twenty four hour news feeds. Or perhaps a troubled marriage, divorce, strained family tensions, unruly children, an addiction, habit or vice have some operating at a fraction of what is possible. Regardless of what the challenge can be conquered and overcome. The key is having a strategy. Attack Your Giants gives many the strategy needed for victory.

In the study of business and the Bible, one thing that can be said with a certainty is; "There is nothing new under the sun," noted independent author Donnye D. Collins Sr. The major concerns human beings face today whether it's financial, political, and emotional or spiritual have been faced by someone at some point in the Bible, namely David, king of Israel. David figured out a way to overcome whatever the adversity was and went on to have tremendous success. Learning from these examples of leadership and insight can lead to great success and happiness in many areas of life.

The old tried and true adage still applies stated billionaire Warren Buffet; "To be a success at anything, find someone who has had success in at area and follow them." Modern day business tycoons such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Bill Gates, all of whom found it beneficial and necessary to model and learn from the success of leaders they admired and respected for their accomplishments. In the quest to lead a successful family, business, church or civic organization and overcome the obstacles, challenges and pitfalls inherent in doing so, modeling someone skilled in the art of giant slaying like King David of Israel provides a great advantage? Get ready to win and win big!


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