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Shuttervoice is a platform to get latest news, previews and reviews containing a wide range of field ranging from SEO to Games, from Internet Marketing to Mobile & Wireless Technology. Not only technology but also tutorials, comments, step by step instructions, inner story among many other features are available in Shuttervoice. Published from experts, the articles are well structured, unique and always first of its kind. Many articles here have been huge popular, appreciated and commented by people around the world. The owner of the site, Giuseppe Pisaniello takes serious measure to make sure topics published here are detailed, featured and correct up to nearest possibility.

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About shuttervoice we have to discuss a wide fields, raning from SEO to Games, From Internet Marketing to Sounds & Audio, of which many article like iPhone 4G & Verzion iPhone has been quite popular, as an example is a website covering fields of Technology, Business, Multimedia, and SEO with latest news, reviews & previews. It does not only publish news about upcoming technology or event but also express expert comment on it and let people reply to that. Through commenting people can express their views on any technology or news which are replied by expert staff members. Shuttervoice publish all latest updates with sufficient information backing that news, along with relevant pictures.

Running since November 2008, Shuttervoice is one of the best sites that give first hand news on upcoming technology or event. It cover a large area including Software, Hardware, Internet Marketing, Mobile & Wireless, Games, SEO, SEM, Business, How to Tutorials etc. All sections are handled by experts related to that particular field, well known for their work. The published articles here are unique and first of their kind compared to other similar websites, which are available in a large quantity. Editorials published are content oriented yet they reflect personalized review and experience of the related writer for that very editorial.

Giuseppe Pisaniello, the owner of the website, expressed his views & ideas behind it, “The site is not only for who is eager to get latest technology news, but also for who discuss about it, and let us know what they think about it” he said. He also added the idea behind the site is to convey news, know-how and events to people who know its value the most. The idea behind this is to incorporate with tech savvy people and give them latest updates on various topics depending on their interests, enabling them to communicate with each other of same interest.

There are many people who are fan of the product reviews and predictions made in Shuttervoice, express their comments on articles published here, like the news on Apple iPhone 4G Rumored which made quite a bit impression on Apple iPhone Fans, who expressed their idea about the design published there or like the article on iPad UK which everybody appreciated and asked several question, which was again answered by experts. Or on the prediction on Verizon iPhone in here of which everybody is expressing their views. So basically this site publishes latest news and do follow up with tech savvy people.

There are many popular articles published here and also continuing to be published, constantly updating with latest news, events, previews and reviews. There are even some articles which has been praised on other site and commented about that in their site.

Giuseppe Pisaniello, the owner, is constantly trying to improve the site by adding quality content, “Shuttervoice not only publish news, but also evaluate them” as he said. “We are aware of the many hoax news which spread through the web, we are very careful while publishing on the web, checking the base every time before making it public” – was his reaction when we asked about the content published there. He also added that the writers there are best in their field, who knows about the content they are writing.

As per the popularity is concerned, the articles published there get many hits as they are first time published unique articles on respective fields, you can always expect any new technology or business news or event to be published here first, with personalized review. Also, preview of upcoming events, technology or news are given here on almost every aspect, with proper detailing, pictures or screenshots, if needed. Ranging from SEO to Electronics, Business to Internet marketing, various fields of current events are covered here.

The most important thing about the website is that it always stay updated with the world of the news and web, and also you can find several helpful topics, tutorials, step by step “how to” procedure to do anything is described here on many fields, which ease the use of any tool or software. They are user friendly, easy to read and follow, written only by experts in that particular field and cover every possible detail that can be included in that particular matter that is also arranged in a well organized way.

Hardware & software Sections there are up to date, canvassing latest technology, news, previews, reviews, tutorial for using software, Hardware detail & evaluation etc that is also according to their prices and ease of use. All hardware parts, software reviews etc are done by professional experts who publish content mainly from their using experience of that product. News of upcoming versions of software is followed up with exact pros and cons of that particular software or hardware. Hardwires, along with electronic gadgets are evaluated on their price, usage, power consumption etc and always compared with their previous versions or similar products of that company or other.

Games section covers all pc and console games, latest game news, playing experience, faults, drawbacks as well as announcements of future games to come. News from game and console makers are also covered here, with a view to keep the players updated with every possible details they will be interested to know. Everything is done carefully and professionally giving the users and readers a first preference. Business & SEO Section here is pretty amazing, covered with quality content on all possible ways and tips on those fields. News & review section separately describe about any new events, technology, gadget or policy taken and followed. SEM section is detailed with procedures, news and evaluation about various topics on that field. The Sound & Audio part of Shuttervoice contains tutorials, news, updates on the world of hearing & listening. The Internet marketing section is filled with tips, tricks, news and reviews on internet marketing paths and their evaluations.

“With covering a wide range of fields, the site makes sure that the entire article provided here are detailed, true and unique.” Giuseppe Pisaniello also added “Shuttervoice has lots of expectations from people are we are trying our best to fulfill them.”


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