Visionaryforex Says South African Rand as Good as Gold

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South Africa holds an estimated 40% of the world's gold reserves. As gold prices rise, so does the South African currency (rand). In 2009, while gold prices rose 24%, the Souith African rand rose 28%. In addition, the rand paid out 7% in interest. That is 700% in interest income in a leveraged forex acount. publishes a new online investment report "Owning the South African Rand is a Better Investment than Owning Gold". The visionaryforex report gives four compelling reasons for this analysis:

First, leverage multiplies the rand's 7% interest income up to 200 times in a leveraged forex brokerage account.

Second, Forex brokers' 'no debit guarantee' limits an investor's worst case to the funds deposited into their forex brokerage account. Like a long call option position, this limits downside risk while allowing the investor to benefit from the explosive returns available through leverage.

Third, strong rand/gold price correlation. The rand and gold move in tandem. One ten-year study found that the correlation was 84% (1998 to 2008).

Finally, the report cites 'choice of funding currency'. When a US investor buys gold, stocks, or real estate, they pay in USD. When an investor buys the rand, they pay with the currency of their choice. For instance, in the 1st quarter of 2010, the rand traded flat against the USD, but gained 5.4% against the Euro and 7.6% against the British Pound.

To reduce country-specific risk, the visionaryforex report suggests investors diversify by purchasing other high-yielding, gold-related currencies such as the Australian dollar and the Brazilian real. is a free online trading education website that strives to highlight the best forex, futures, and option trading opportunities available to individual investors and traders.

"There are usually five or more ways to profit from any distint market action, whether it be gold prices rising or oil prices falling. The trick is to find the least risky, most efficient trading strategy " writes's chief investment officer, David Driver.

David Driver, a thirty-year Wall Street veteran, founded in August of 2009. A number of Driver's former hedgefund clients and coworkers are providing trading ideas to the website.'s current focus is on the high-yield forex carry trade, rising US Treasury interest rates, and selling limited risk option credit spreads.

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