Beauty Report on Pigmentation Creates Consumer Frenzy for LumnaSkin

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First quarter sales of Dermagevity Skin Care’s best-selling illumination and age-defying pigmentation cream, LumnaSkin, are way up—riding the waves of a recent beauty report that demonstrates the already high and ever-increasing demand for effective and all-natural pigmentation creams in the US and international markets.

A new beauty report that was recently published, identifying the vast consumer concerns over pigmentation – and the high demands for effective and all-natural products – has spurred a huge spike in sales of Dermagevity Skin Care’s already best-selling, age-defying illumination cream: LumnaSkin.

In a beauty report that was published in early March, in the immensely popular online news medium, (New Straits Times), entitled, “Whitening quest spreads to the West,” the report informs consumers of the rampant and widely growing popularity of natural pigmentation treatment products within the Asian and Western markets—a number that has grown exponentially in recent years, and the demands of which for such products are vast, and ever-increasing.

The article cites,

“Clinical trials and findings reveal that whitening, once seen as a predominantly Asian forte, is making its way across the globe. According to Clinique, there are growing concerns among women in the West about uneven skin tone, dark spots and acne scars.

“Sixty per cent of consumers in China have pigmentation concerns, 56 per cent in Japan and 49 per cent in Korea,” says Clinique senior education manager Christine Leong. “In the United States 44 per cent of women are concerned with hyper-pigmentation, one of the newest signs of premature ageing.

"Twenty-six per cent of consumers in the United Kingdom and 54 per cent in Spain have the same concern,” she adds. Beauty brand SK-II (in its global beauty editor survey), confirmed that there is “increasingly more interest in Europe and the United States” as consumers become more aware of pigmentation problems, signaling that radiant and even skin tone remains a quest among women all over the world. But that, coming from SK-II, isn’t a surprise.

"As the concept of whitening goes global, the trend is now about having even-toned skin.”

(Source: Internet, 2010;

For LumnaSkin spokesperson, Jonathan Brown, this consumer trend of seeking out effective, safe and all-natural skin whitening products, like LumnaSkin, is not actually nothing new, nor does it come to him as any surprise.

“As the aforementioned statistics in the above cited article purport, there has and always will be a very large demand for hyperpigmentation treatment products within the US and the global marketplaces,” Brown states.

As to why Dermagevity Skin Care’s all-natural pigmentation product, LumnaSkin, has always remained a step ahead, the answer, according to Brown, is the proprietary ingredients that are contained within—ones that no other illumination cream can match.

“Our wonderful illumination cream has some pretty amazing ingredients that are contained within it that allow for consumers to see the safe and effective results that they so desire quickly, naturally and without a doctor’s prescription,” Brown says.

When asked how their product is able to meet such high consumer expectations, Brown asserts: it’s all about the ingredients.

“LumnaSkin is able to effectively treat such skin disorders by incorporating scientifically-proven ingredients, like Biowhite (which combines mulberry, saxifrage, scutellaria root, and grape extracts); Gigawhite (which has a documented whitening effect of 5% and boosts collagen production)—all delivered using hyaluronic acid to lighten the skin and reduce the signs of aging,” brown Explains.

LumnaSkin is a revolutionary skin-brightening and illumination cream that was specifically designed to minimize the appearances of hyperpigmentation and pigmentation.

The cream is easily applied once or twice daily, lightly dabbed and massaged into the affected areas of the skin until fully absorbed.

Most users will see noticeable results from using LumnaSkin within the first 2-6 weeks of daily application, when used as directed.

Learn more about LumnaSkin by visiting:

About LumnaSkin:

  •     Age-defying, illumination cream created by Dermagevity Skin Care—a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Incorporates revolutionary and proven ingredients like Biowhite—which combines the power of mulberry, saxifrage, scutellaria root, and grape extracts—this key LumnaSkin ingredient also helps prevent future pigmentation by inhibiting the synthesis of tyrosinase and protecting the skin from UV rays
  •     Harnesses the power of Gigawhite, which has a documented whitening effect of 5% and boosts collagen production
  •     Utilizes hyaluronic acid to plump skin and make troublesome wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable
  •     Effectively treats discolored skin due to acne marks, liver spots, freckles or other hyper pigmentation conditions
  •     Effective for ALL skin types, including those of Latin, African, Indian and Asian descent
  •     Contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals – No Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid
  •     Currently is available at their secured online store with a generous discount off the retail price when ordered online at:

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