Landmark Health Study on Antidepressants Surges Sales of Exuberil!

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A milestone health study that was recently published identifying potential future health risks that are directly associated to using prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, has created a vast consumer awareness for safer, all-natural supplements—like Pharmaxa Labs’ best-selling, all-natural supplement for treating anxiety and depression: Exuberil.

More consumers are turning to the power of all-natural and side effect-free, over-the-counter antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs – such as Pharmaxa Labs’ best-selling Exuberil – amidst a myriad of groundbreaking health reports that suggest there are newer risks being identified by taking these prescriptions medications.

In an article that was published in mid-march, in the popular online news medium,, discussing the risks that are associated with using prescription antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs, citing findings from health reports from other large news mediums, such as Reuters, the article discusses recent health studies that suggest that using such prescribed meds can increase the risks of contracting cataracts later on, by nearly double or more, as opposed to the risks of those who are not taking such meds.

The article cites,

“Cataract Risks May Increase With Antidepressants, Anti-Anxiety Meds

We have long been writing about the adverse effects associated with some antidepressant medication. Now, says the Vancouver Sun, some depression and anxiety medications have been linked to an increased risk of cataracts.

According to a study conducted by B.C. and Quebec researchers who utilized a database of over 200,000 Quebec residents who were 65 years old and over, a statistical link was found between cataract diagnosis or cataract surgery and some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), said the Vancouver Sun. The study was published in the journal Ophthalmology.

After adjusting for other risk factors, the possibility of undergoing cataract surgery was 1.51 times more for those taking fluvoxamine (Luvox), 1.34 times higher for those taking venlafaxine (Effexor), and 1.23 times higher for those on paroxetine (Paxil), said the Vancouver Sun; no related risk was found between fluoxetine (Prozac), citalopram (Celexa), or sertraline (Zoloft).

A group of 187,840 seniors not taking these drugs was compared to 18,784 who were on the medications, added the Vancouver Sun, which noted that no adjustments could be made for smoking, which is known as a risk for cataracts, because that information is not included on the database. Of note, earlier studies involving animal testing revealed the same risk, said the Vancouver Sun. The study did reveal that it took about two years to develop cataracts when on SSRIs, but it remains unknown if the risk disappears when the drugs are stopped, said the Vancouver Sun.

Meanwhile, Danish researchers recently announced that expectant mothers taking antidepressants may be inadvertently harming their developing babies, wrote Reuters. The antidepressants, when taken by pregnant women, could delay some “developmental milestones,” said the researchers. Differences were seen in gross movements at six months between babies exposed to antidepressants in the second or third trimesters, said Reuters. At toddler age, the children exposed to the medications took about 16 days longer to learn how to sit and about 29 additional days to walk, said Reuters. According to Reuters, about one in six expectant mothers in the United States, is diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, with the majority treated with Prozac, Zoloft, or Paxil.

Serotonin is the chemical in the brain that these medications target, and is linked to mood, attention, appetite, and brain development, noted Reuters. Medications that increase serotonin levels help minimize the symptoms of depression; however, it remains unclear how developing human babies react to these medications and for how long the effects remain, said Reuters.”

(Source: Internet, 2010;

The spokesperson for Exuberil, Tom Whitman, attributes that such eye-opening health studies are always topping the news headlines in recent years—prompting more consumer awareness for safer, side effect-free and over-the-counter, all-natural products, like Exuberil.

“When consumers read about potential complications that can occur down the road from taking such meds to treat their mental ailments, many times it spurs an awareness that prompts many of them to seek out equally as effective and all-natural supplements, like Exuberil,” Whitman says.

Exuberil is an all-natural supplement intended for treating depression and anxiety that is taken orally, once per day.

It utilizes Suntheanine—the main active ingredient in Exuberil—which has been extensively researched and documented as being beneficial in significantly reducing physical, mental and social symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability.

Exuberil also incorporates 5-HTP, Valerian, and Kava Kava—all which have been proven to significantly improve the symptoms of depression, and to reduce anxiety and stress.

Exuberil does not contain ingredients that will induce lack of REM (rapid eye movement during sleep cycles), which are common side effects of the many prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs that are currently on the market.

Most users will feel noticeable results from taking Exuberil within the first four to six weeks of usage, when used as directed.

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  •     Incorporates 5-HTP, Valerian, and Kava Kava, which have been proven to significantly improve symptoms of depression and reduce anxiety
  •     Does not contain ingredients that will induce lack of REM (rapid eye movement during sleep cycles)
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