"Wide Awake” or "Wingnuts?" Revelation’s Unholy Trinity Examines Possibility of President Obama As Antichrist

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Labeled? Misjudged? Targeted? Author Kaelyn Hart says that if you are a Christian Conservative and question the direction of this country and the radical moves of our President, be afraid. She defends the notion that every Christian American has the right, as well as the responsibility to ask questions and be willing to face the answers.

Revelation's Unholy Trinity

...one of the aims of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, will be that of remaking the major religions, just as his colleague Barack Obama will remake global society.

Author Kaelyn Hart says that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have attempted to expose a government out of control, but they haven’t quite gone far enough. She believes that this is more than a political battle, a full-scale war is also raging in the spiritual realm.

Educated Christian believers know that these are the last days. While they look for signs of the return of Christ, they may also see evidence of the coming New World Order and a possible candidate for it’s leader.

Kaelyn Hart believes that Barack Obama’s resume and congressional record alone should be enough to convince any Christian of the evil in his heart. When coupled with his unprecedented swift rise to power and the world’s obsession with this man, is it any wonder that many have asked...could he be the Antichrist mentioned in the Bible? Just as Jesus, was presented to the world in such a way, that the scholars of His day refused to believe that He could be the Messiah; it is possible that the Antichrist will be revealed in this manner. His identity will be obvious to some and ludicrous to others until it’s too late. Even some Christians are too swift to deny the possibility. The true Church will ask God for enlightenment and study the facts.

Is it wrong to ask? Will Americans be prohibited from free speech by being called hatemongers? Will the next step be for the President to order all who disagree to be silenced?

Based on extensive research, President Obama, along with two other prominent world figures, Tony Blair and Oprah Winfrey, are examined as current potential leads in the casting call for the most important figures mentioned in the book of Revelation: the Whore of Babylon, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

Revelation's Unholy Trinity shows that if indeed they are not the most evil figures in the book of Revelation, they should still be exposed as the most evil figures in the 21st century. What each of these has attempted to do in opposition to the cause of Christ is well documented and must be examined. A YouTube video featured at Zerubbabel Media blows the lid off of the secret that is now exposed.

Oprah Winfrey has been recently labeled as “the most dangerous woman in the world, this book exposes the deviance she peddles from her exploration of new age mysticism and blasphemous spiritual teaching to sexual immorality that targets even children."

Tony Blair, and his wife Cherie have long participated in documented new age rituals. Now, Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation aims for one and only one religious confession, which a universal, global political power would impose upon the entire world.

On May 1, 2009 in the Vatican Gardens, Belgian priest Michel Schooyans, warned that one of the aims of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, will be that of remaking the major religions, just as his colleague Barack Obama will remake global society.

Revelation’s Unholy Trinity is a 276 page eye-opening book that connects the dots, providing each individual the ability to analyze the proof with an unbiased, critical and spiritually discerning mind. Revelation’s Unholy Trinity is available at Amazon.com and as an Ebook at http://www.zerrubabbelmedia.com.

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