Local Couple Doing Their Part to Help Small Business Economy Recover

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Local Business Can Now Compete With The National "Big Guys" . New Geo-Targeted Advertising Gives The Local Business Owner A Competitive Advantage And A Real Chance To Start Turning A Profit.

The economy has been tough on Darryl and Ginny Kronsted but they haven’t given up on their dream of building their own successful business. “This time I think we have found a solid base to build our futures on” said Darryl Kronsted. After spending time in the IT industry which failed, Darryl reinvented himself for the mortgage lending industry only to watch that business die out with the housing crisis. His wife, Ginny Kronsted, has been working in the real estate industry for the last 10 years. As an executive sales manager she has been fortunate to stay employed through the crisis which has claimed the jobs of most of her colleagues. “My project in Chicago is coming to a close and there just aren’t any new projects out there” said Ginny.     The couple was facing some hard choices. They both have always been entrepreneurs and patriots at heart, always searching for a way to build a business that would make a contribution to society and provide for their family.

This month they are launching their new AdzZoo advertising business.    Their website says it all: DoYouNeedCustomers.Com. What local business does not need more customers? Ginny and Darryl are excited about the opportunity to offer a real service to the local business owner. As former small business owners themselves they are well aware of the struggles and obstacles the business owner faces. As larger and national companies continue to get bailouts and stimulus, the smaller, usually family owned business must continue to bail themselves out. According to Darryl, “Often these local merchants have products and services which are more affordable and of higher quality than the larger stores. They just can’t get the word out to the public to let them know.”    

The Internet has virtually destroyed conventional advertising, but people don’t quite understand how or why it is happening. Most don’t realize to what degree the Internet is changing our lives – or how it is changing the way we do business. One major section of the economy has been left behind during the internet explosion: The local business owner!

For many decades the phone book was the main connection between local businesses and local customers. It allowed them “to get in the game” with the bigger national companies.     But where do people go today to look for products and services… The Internet. Search Engine Optimization and online keyword and ad campaigns are very costly and difficult to manage.    A local merchant just doesn’t have the time or resources to compete with the campaigns their larger competitors are able to generate.    “This just doesn’t seem fair to the merchant or the local community” said Ginny.     “Our country needs the small business sector of the economy to rebound and rebound now!

The Kronsteds are determined to get the word out to all local merchants so that they can help them compete.    They are calling, emailing and personally visiting every local business, armed with information that can help get the new or struggling business noticed by local customers.     “Adzzoo has been a lifesaver for our family. The business opportunity has given us new hope for success in this depressed economy. “Ginny commented. The Kronsteds seem even more enthused with the opportunity to make an impact for others who are struggling.     This is a franchise type opportunity with little to no start up costs.    They are happy to train others to get the word out as well. “We aren’t worried about competing with other reps, said Darryl. In fact we will train them and support them. We all win if more local companies are given the chance to compete and succeed.    We encourage other struggling professionals to join us. The more people out there selling campaigns to businesses the faster our local economy will grow. We all win each time a local business gets a new customer!"

Never heard of AdzZoo? You will soon. The company just had their official launch at the end of March. After 9 months of a highly successful beta test period the company is expanding their services and reaching out to the local business owner.    The company is expanding into the social networking sites which can be highly successful for the local business owner!    Ginny told us that educating the local business owner is key. Traditional advertising cannot compete with social networking sites. These sites offer demography targeted marketing to specific people, markets, and interest. Facebook alone has over 100 million users that access their accounts through mobile devices. Over 35 million users update their Facebook status daily.     Local newspapers and mailings just can’t reach that targeted or vast a market.

The Kronsteds will be starting a newsletter sharing the success stories of their customers. They are hoping other’s success will encourage owners to step into a new advertising medium and away from traditional sources which just do not work anymore. When people are looking for a service or product they go online; though their computer or mobile device. AdzZoo can put you in front of that person at the exact moment they are looking for your service or product. That is targeted advertising at its best! That is what the national businesses have been able to do and dominate. Not for much longer! We want the local business owner to know that they can be up there with the big guys! We can get them there affordably, very affordably!

For more information on this new and exciting opportunity for the local business owner visit the Kronsted’s website: DoYouNeedCustomers.Com. Or email them at Kronsted(at)comcast(dot)net

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