New Surfing Technology Renders Traditional Surfboards Obsolete

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A small San Diego business has created a new type of surfboard that is easier to surf and better for the environment.

The surfing world is often times one fraught with hypocrisy. On one hand are the environmental advocates, which lobby heavily for the protection of local beaches and aquatic life; on the other, are those very same surfers who are diehard promoters for surfing gear and equipment whose production are known to harm the environment.

Fiberglass surfboards, a longtime staple in the surf community are a source of VOC (volatile organic compounds) a highly toxic by product of the foam and resin necessary for the construction of each board. The dense foam core of each board makes it difficult for these boards to break down in landfills.

While a stronger, greener alternative does exist, hardcore surfers refuse to give up fiberglass for the more environmentally friendly epoxy, claiming that epoxy boards don’t have the same responsiveness and flex.

The community has long been in struggle to find an amicable solution and as of 2009, a small San Diego based business has developed just that. Luc Stokes, owner of has implemented NexGen, a new construction that allows for surfboards to be lighter, stronger, and consequently easier to surf, but also considerably greener than an equivalent fiberglass or epoxy board.

A NexGen surfboard is 17% lighter than its closest epoxy equivalent; this added buoyancy allows the surfer to paddle faster through the water and consequently, is superior for catching and riding waves. In the water, NexGen feels, flexes, and responds like a fiberglass board. However, the construction also generates a stronger board capable of fulfilling a much extended lifetime of service and breaking down faster when discarded.

With all the benefits of NexGen, Degree 33 is poised to make the most of the upcoming surf season, posting record sales for the year. Says owner, Luc Stokes, “For too long, fiberglass surfboards have dominated the market. Epoxy boards, although more eco-friendly, haven't had the performance that surfers were used to with traditional glass construction. NexGen is the perfect combination of the eco-friendliness, weight, and strength of epoxy and performance of glass. If you haven't checked out NexGen for your new surfboard, you need to give it a serious look”. With the promise of a better board on the horizon, things are looking good for this San Diego Surf Shop.

About Degree 33 Surfboards:

Degree 33 Surfboards based in San Diego, CA was founded in November 2006 by Luc and Holly Stokes and is committed to providing high quality hand shaped surfboards at a fraction of the cost. For more information, contact via any of the channels below.

Luc or Holly Stokes
Degree 33 Surfboards

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