New Website Takes On Moving Company Malpractice

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Michael Hill has spent five years gathering information and building a comprehensive website dedicated to informing the public about the rampant increase in moving company malpractice across the country. debuts this week.

Says Hill, “My first job out of college was with a moving company. It offered great pay to people willing to work very hard. Because I had school loans to pay off, I jumped at the opportunity.”

But the job was a rude awakening. He soon discovered that for every legitimate, reputable, ethical mover out there, there are plenty of scammers, often driving vans emblazoned with the names of reputable movers on them.

Hill explains, “Scammers frequently buy used fleet vehicles at auction sales and then don’t bother to re-brand them because the purloined name gives them the added appearance of respectability and reliability. After all, if it ain’t broken, why fix it?”

At, undercover photos tell the sordid tale. Photos reveal boxes of property “left over” after deliveries, furniture and other items broken beyond repair, crushed and over-stuffed boxes, and families left to transfer their own goods from van to new home unless they agree to pay exorbitant additional fees should the mover be unable to park within a closely-defined distance from the new abode.

Hill reveals, “Moving company contracts are often hard to read and next to impossible to understand. As a result, once people’s goods are loaded, they can find themselves held hostage to double, even triple, their moving company’s original quote. It’s insane. And the federal government’s regulations are being laughed at in every one of these cases, because there is no money in the federal budget to investigate and prosecute the loose cannons in the business. It’s a disgrace of the highest order. People are getting ripped off. It has to stop. Almost everybody moves at some point. “

Hill believes that education and information are the best current antidotes to the crisis. “Families and businesses looking to relocate must carefully investigate potential movers and be able to recognize the telltale signs of scammers.” is an unsettling gateway to eye-opening information. Its home page offers fair warning : “If you read this page, you will never look at moving companies the same way again.”

But along with all the bad news at the site, there is much good news. Nationwide and local moving companies who meet or exceed Hill’s own exacting standards are invited to list their services at Moving Guardian for a modest fee and boast of their inclusion on his list of “America’s Best Movers.” And it does no good to try to scam Hill for inclusion on the exalted list; he knows what to ask of applicants and what to look for to determine eligibility. For just $59.99 Moving Guardian will investigate up to two moving companies for customers and give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

The website also offers simple language moving contracts; a “translation” of more common but far more complex moving contracts into understandable terms; and a free lading calculator (so consumers can find out for themselves how much their possessions should cost to move), along with a free moving guide that helps families and businesses schedule the many things that must be done before, during and after a move. And there’s more: high-visibility decals for boxes, business-moving services, and other products and services.

Hill concludes, “No one should schedule a move until they fully understand the risks. Move yourself or make sure you carefully investigate everything about the movers you’re considering. There are good ones out there. Be sure you support the good ones, or risk them all out of business by going with a scammer who starts out looking like the best offer before you find out, the hard way, that he wasn’t.”

The site has already received numerous positive testimonials.

Michael Hill is a former moving company “hired hand” whose dedication to blowing the whistle on crooked moving company operators knows no bounds. To learn ways to avoid becoming a victim of the rampant rise in moving company malpractice before your next move, visit or call 877-613-1140.


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