Financial Data Aggregation and Reporting Service from Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC Frees Investors From Typical Constraints on Their Wealth Picture

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Coordinating multiple advisors and investments into a single comprehensive picture of your wealth is beyond the reach of most investors. Most systems provided to investors by their financial institutions lack any realistic capability to drill down into financial statements and do not always aggregate data from held away accounts. An investor’s efforts to have a real time comprehensive understanding of the fees, charges, interest received, etc. and the actual performance of their investments is hindered.

Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC has built a service to provide financial data aggregation and reporting to high net worth individuals participating in Veriloquent’s wealth management services platform. Veriloquent’s offering differs from traditional aggregation services since Veriloquent’s goal is to work directly with the client to develop the aggregation sources and detail of reporting they need. Most advisory firms simply purchase financial data aggregation from a third party, roll it up into a monthly statement and then bill their clients an additional monthly fee.

Todd Billings, CEO of Veriloquent said, “All of the services Veriloquent provides are built from the perspective that we offer a hands-on advisory partnership. So, when Veriloquent engages a client for financial data aggregation and reporting, Veriloquent encourages the client to have a role in deciding what and how the data will be aggregated and reported on.” The real benefit to the client is the unprecedented level of visibility that the service creates into their total wealth picture. Because of the data aggregation and reporting service, a client can get “drilled down” specific answers quickly. Traditionally, such inquiries might have taken days as such questions would have been referred to a financial institution’s research department by an advisor.

Veriloquent is directly involved in aggregating the data and uses tools not normally accessible to the average investor, like Black Diamond Performance Reporting®, and the eMoney® Wealth Management System. Said Todd Billings, “We work with our clients to engage them in the process, and allow them to see and understand the tools we use. For example, our clients are routinely involved in determining the types of standard reports they want to see, as well as customized reports that we create together.” Since Veriloquent’s services are priced based upon the value of the analysis they produce, Veriloquent is incentivized to create reports that are as detailed as their clients need. The benefit of the detailed reporting to the client are tactical decisions that can be made from a position of being informed as opposed to a “feeling” or someone else’s recommendation. Said Todd Billings, “These types of services put investors back in control of their wealth. Veriloquent is a big proponent of the trust but verify philosophy.”

In addition to the Aggregation and Reporting Service, Veriloquent also offers an Online Document Management and Storage solution powered by Egnyte®. “Clients receive access to their own highly secure online file management system, where Veriloquent maintains customized reports as a result of the Data Aggregation and Reporting Service. Of course, other important financial documents can be stored within the system as well,” said Todd Billings. Veriloquent manages, updates and organizes the client’s files. Literally, clients have secure access to customized reports, as routinely updated, at any time or day. The Online Document Management and Storage Solution perfectly complements other online services available through Veriloquent, like the eMoney® Wealth Management System.

Veriloquent removes the wall between the client and their reportable financial data by aggregating it into one location, providing standard and customized reports, and then providing secure anytime access. Veriloquent works on its own and with the client to perform meaningful analysis of the client’s wealth that is actionable. Ultimately the benefit to the client is the ability to actually direct the course of their wealth through informed decisions. Of course the client’s partnership with Veriloquent provides another benefit; an “insider” to turn those decisions into actions; using Veriloquent as a conduit to cut through the red tape of the financial firms when action is needed. A client’s relationship with Veriloquent makes it possible to turn decisions into actions quickly without delays.

About Veriloquent Wealth Advisors:

Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC is a financial services and consulting group with a new approach towards financial decision making. Veriloquent removes the conflicts between sales and advice inherent in traditional “one-stop-shops” which dominate the industry. By providing sound analysis, strategy, and recommendations on assets and investments, clients realize economic benefit as they are guided through the process of making sound financial decisions. The Veriloquent approach represents a hands on advisory partnership. Veriloquent maintains offices in Coral Springs, Florida. Veriloquent’s offices can be reached at 1-888-684-2999.


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