New Book Unravels Lost History of World Civilization Through 19,000 Years

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All of us wonder whether human civilization is really just five to six thousand years old as professed by current history books. Now one author tackles that question with a book of epic proportions, through a far-reaching study of numerous topics including world religions and their beginnings, linguistics, biology, genetics, anthropology, archeology, and geology.

This book would be fantastic for all college students on the planet to read in one of their credit classes

Readers can trace pre-history of man and understand various world religions’ shared origins in the Ice Age in Prithviraj R’s astonishingly bold and concise new book “19,000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion” (ISBN 9780557175451, Lulu, 2009).

There is a lot of mystery in the history of man - while mainstream historians say that civilization developed only in the last five to six thousand years, which is what is taught in schools, there is humungous amount of evidence that man's story is much older than this date. There are any number of accounts about the lost history of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mayans, Indians, and others. These accounts, however, stop there. They only provide small chunks of lost history; they do not provide the holistic historic picture. This book constitutes the first ever attempt to provide an alternate timeline for various civilizations across the world for the last nineteen thousand years, pushing back the timeline of man by three times.

In a first of its kind attempt, Prithviraj constructs human history from the scriptures of various religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions and cultures. Conclusions are drawn and connected to the various archaeological findings, linguistics, worldwide conflagrations, beliefs, cultural practices including festival celebrations, local legends, etc. In a rewrite of current history books, he meticulously constructs a detailed history of civilized man, 19,000 years in the making. In the process, he not just shows the precise way in which these religions were born, but also answers most of the unresolved theological questions that these religions have. The book provides the first ever complete non-pagan and highly profound explanation for Christian Trinity and Son of Man concepts; it answers most of the unresolved theological questions related to the names and concepts of God in Judaism; shows the precise way in which Vedas of India were conceptualized; shows why Indonesians worshiped mountains and why Mesopotamians considered themselves to be servants of Gods; about why Persians came to believe in the Supreme Evil Spirit; and many more.

Readers and Reviewers alike are raving about “19,000 Years of World History.” Writes Lee Gooden at Foreword Clarion Reviews, “ In this encyclopedic volume, Prithviraj has made a far-reaching study of numerous topics, including world religions and their beginnings, linguistics, biology, genetics, anthropology, archeology and geology. The tone is conversational and personal—as if the writer were giving a lecture to 6 billion people about their has incorporated massive amounts of knowledge and research here.” Glows Ron Standerfer at Readerviews, "it is carefully researched and meticulously written in a style that is easy to read by anyone who is reasonably educated. Whether you are a religious scholar or simply someone who has often wondered how the major religions were born, this book will take you on a long but fruitful journey that you will be glad you took. At the same time, it may very well draw you closer to your roots than you have ever been before.” While Mick from Wisconsin considers it as the greatest history on religion book he has ever read, Lonna Harrison is fascinated by the book, “This book should not be rushed, but rather like a fine wine should be enjoyed and savored chapter by chapter….There is something new to learn on every page which keeps the reader interested and thirsting for more.” And Kelly Lang feels, “This book would be fantastic for all college students on the planet to read in one of their credit classes.”

About the Author: Born into a deeply devout family, Prithviraj Rathod was born and brought up in theology. He traveled widely in India and observed huge differences between the religious cultures of different regions, which led to a realization in him that India is probably a melting pot of a large number of races, and not a mixture of two races as told by present-day historians. He felt that India as well as other cultures faced several to and fro migrations throughout their histories. This book is a product of two and a half decades of research in religious studies, in which he traces IndoEuropean as well as World history to an ancient culture that originated in the Arctic region 19,000 Years ago.

"19,000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion" (ISBN 9780557175451, Lulu, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Review copies available upon request.

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