Mob4Hire Launches Version 4.0 of Award Winning Crowd-Sourced Mobile Testing and Market Research Community

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With an international community of 40,000 mobile testers in over 150 countries, Mob4Hire’s new version 4.0 crowd-sourcing platform helps mobile software companies make better mobile apps, mobile websites and mobile advertising campaigns by offering new services that include functional and usability testing, post-release marketing research and global surveys.

Our mobile community of of 40,000 ‘real people on real handsets with real opinions’ is in virtually every country on the planet. Including users in your mobile development cycle can help guarantee success. Great software is your best marketing strategy!

Mob4Hire, the world’s largest mobile testing and market research community, today announced a significant new platform release at In development for a year, Mob4Hire Version 4.0 offers mobile functional and usability testing, as well as product and market research using it's crowd of over 40,000 mobile users in 150 countries. This provides valuable opportunities for mobile app and website developers, advertising executives, product managers, market researchers, marketing teams and developer networks / app stores of handset and network operators to reach global users and include user feedback in the mobile development cycle. This results in a good user experience which in turn drives recommendations, top store rankings, discoverability, and ultimately, viral revenue growth.

Mob4Hire version 4.0 offers:

  • A vastly improved user experience.
  • Automatic sign-up and login with Facebook Connect.
  • The ability to scale to millions of transactions using Amazon’s EC2.
  • A new Mob4Hire Survey Engine allowing for integrated surveys and data collection.
  • Crowd-sourced services that covers a broad range of user feedback in the development cycle; from mobile functional testing to product management usability testing to market research with global panels: MobTest, MobSurvey, MobExperience and MobAccelerator.
  • Flexible project options, such as open and closed testing groups, as well as bidding and fixed-fee Mobster payments.
  • Collaboration tools to ensure efficient communication between mobile developers / market researchers and Mobsters.
  • The MobStar rating system, which tells developers what they would receive for user ratings in app stores BEFORE they release their apps so they have time to make vital improvements. App stores of network operators and handset manufacturers can also use the MobStar rating system as a way to filter bad and unsuitable apps.
  • Extended user profiles that allow for panel filtering using handsets, carriers and countries, as well as demographic information such as age, level of education, and marital status.
  • Mob4Hire as a Platform (MAAP) that allows network operators, handset manufacturers and O/S vendors to create white-label user communities for their developer networks and app stores.

Mob4Hire Version 4.0 replaces the old system that has been live since Autumn 2008. Since then, Mob4Hire’s crowd-sourced community of 40,000 mobile testers in 150 countries on 364 network operators, have been helping the almost 1,000 mobile developers registered from 81 countries make better mobile apps through functional testing. Testers (also known as “Mobsters”) have already made thousands of dollars for doing quality assurance work while at the same time helping mobile developers save up to 90% in traditional testing costs.

With this announcement, Mob4Hire is also introducing Basic, Premium and Managed Service pricing tiers to accommodate mobile firms of all shapes and size who need to create and run projects using its crowd-sourced methodologies. Managed Services offers efficient and cost-effective project management; using Mob4Hire’s community can save up to 65% in costs over traditional testing methods and has already been used to manage several multi-national and multi-device tests that would have been cost-prohibitive to run using traditional testing techniques.

Mob4Hire Version 4.0 includes four crowd-sourced products:

  • MobTest: "Real World Mobile Testing" ;Functional and Usability testing for mobile apps on thousands of handsets worldwide.
  • MobSurvey: "Mobile Surveys. Global Panels."; The easiest way to ask mobile enthusiasts around the world just about anything.
  • MobExperience: "Make Better Apps. Get 5 Star Reviews."; Customer Loyalty Research and Usability Testing BEFORE developers release their mobile apps
  • MobAccelerator: "Get Discovered. Hit The Top 10 lists. Go Big."; Customer Loyalty Research coupled with instore user experience, discoverability and marketing research.

A leader in crowd-sourced technology, award-winning Mob4Hire is growing rapidly in an industry that is set to expand from $7B in 2009 to $50B in 2012, according to a recent study by Chetan Sharma Consulting, commissioned by GetJar. However, only those mobile apps that are good will reap the rewards. In the Mob4Hire Global Wireless Loyalty Survey published in February, 5,000 mobile app enthusiasts from 111 countries revealed that, on average, they want to see 4 Star ratings in User Reviews on app stores before they’ll download or purchase a new app. In short, if people aren’t recommending a company’s mobile app, the chance of subsequent revenue growth is nil. Mob4Hire calls it “The Curse of the One Star.”

Testing in the mobile fragmented ecosystem is currently estimated to be a $3 billion problem. It occurs when mobile software developers are faced with the onerous task of ensuring that their software works properly on the 10,000 different handsets, 750 different networks and the multitude of operating system versions. This requires detailed, location-specific testing on the part of the mobile developer community in order to bring their product to market. The plethora of mobile application stores has created a tremendous groundswell of activity in mobile software, and companies such as Mob4Hire have been created to solve this daunting task.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Stephen King, CEO: “Our mobile community of ‘real people on real handsets with real opinions’ is in virtually every country on the planet. How do you guarantee that mobile users will like a mobile app, mobile website or mobile ad campaign? Include them in the development cycle! This leads to great software, and great software is your best marketing strategy. We offer valuable, cost-effective and unique services in the value chain across the mobile ecosystem to help improve the mobile user experience. This can be the difference between success and failure for our customers.”
  • Paul Poutanen, President and Founder: “In 2005, when I was President of the company that introduced North America’s first location based game, Swordfish, it cost us approximately $30,000 just to test the app for a week in San Francisco; we flew the development team there to buy 30 different handsets and network operator subscriptions for comprehensive testing. I founded Mob4Hire because I knew crowd-sourcing could decrease these costs significantly while at the same time, increase product quality and solve a really big pain point for developers. While I’m pleased with the growth and impact we’ve made since launching in 2008, I’m excited that we are introducing the next generation of this vision by expanding testing services to product management and market research.”
  • John Carpenter, CTO: “As a long-time mobile developer, I know that mobile testing is a huge pain in both a company’s pocketbook as well as the time sheets. To be able to solve that problem elegantly is reward enough, but now that we can also bring user feedback into the development cycle, I’m excited to see the impact we’ll have for mobile developers around the world. To deliver on this promise, we spent a great deal of effort making sure that the architecture of Mob4Hire’s crowd-sourced platform could scale to millions of transactions, as our customers are not only individual developers, but also large companies that need to plug into the Mob4Hire crowd through API’s to create their own crowd-sourced solutions.”


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