Mineful Marketing Intelligence Software: All the Analysis, None of the Headaches

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Mineful answers your marketing questions in a simple way everyone understands: with a search bar. Type in your question and Mineful goes to work generating your answer, making in depth analysis easy for everyone.

The Mineful Advisor answers your marketing question in a few short and simple steps, producing detailed reports that tell you not only what is happening with your marketing, but why.

On April 3rd Mineful released version 4.0 of their web-based marketing analysis tool, transitioning the software from advanced survey software to marketing intelligence (to read more, visit http://www.mineful.com/features ). No longer will marketing executives have to hire an analyst or spend hours poring over numbers to measure the success of their marketing plans. The new version makes marketing analytics and research accessible for every organization by using a simple search tool.

Data research has changed the way organizations market their products and brand. A lot of guess work is eliminated when companies use marketing analysis. Analytics can pinpoint specific causes or predict market trends based on consumer characteristics, exposing threats and opportunities and lowering the risk of difficult decisions. The common belief in marketing is that data analytics and marketing intelligence require either a consultant or statistical expertise with analytic tools (SPSS, SAS, Oracle). These options may be the best ways to dig down to the minutest detail, but not everyone can afford the time and money each costs. Mineful seeks to bridge the gap between easy access and robust results. For smaller organizations who can’t afford a consultant or expensive software packages, Mineful will offer them an affordable way to gather, store, and analyze their data. For larger companies it will lower costs and speed up the decision making process, allowing them to spend less time on research and more time improving their business.

“Most organizations are dealing with information on a daily basis that can take massive amounts of time to consume, digest, and put to actual use. Even if they know what they can do with that information, not all organizations possess the skills to extract the meaning of that data to make intelligent, winning decisions,” said Mineful co-founder Jaime Brugueras, Ph.D.

So why should organizations use Mineful? “The more complex tools in the marketplace are hard to use, hard to configure, and take too long to get the answer you are looking for. Mineful can be used by anyone with very little learning curve,” said co-founder and software designer Jose Rubio. For example: Your boss wants to run a marketing campaign emphasizing the most important features of your top selling product. He asks you to tell him what specific features lead customers to buy. To find out, you need to perform a driver analysis. You’re not a data analyst and don’t know how to calculate that, so what do you do?

When you type that question into Mineful the software will measure how independent variables drive a dependent variable. In this example the independent variables are the product features, and the dependent variable is product sales. Mineful then allocates a score to each product feature (independent variable) to indicate the relative importance of each feature. The scores are out of a total of 100 points. These scores will determine how much each feature affects sales and allow you to focus your marketing strategy around the most important features. All you had to do was ask the question.

With Mineful there is no more slicing and dicing numbers to find out what they mean. No more complex equations and formulas to perform analyses. Now all you have to do is log into your Mineful account, type your marketing question into the search bar, and get your answers in a flash. The Mineful Advisor answers your marketing question in a few short and simple steps, producing detailed reports that tell you not only what is happening with your marketing, but why.

Sign up at http://www.mineful.com/pricing today and start asking questions.

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Mineful is an analytical tool that answers your marketing questions. Mineful will gather information about your customers, marketing campaigns, and product lines then analyze it to produce incredible new insights. The new understandings you can gain are endless and will enable you to grow your business like never before. For more information or for a free account, visit http://www.mineful.com or contact David Lano, Director of Business Development, at (800) 848-9317 or dlano(at)mineful(dot)com.


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