Naturopathic Doctor of Scottsdale Treats Golf Injuries with Revolutionary Technology

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Dr. Michael Cronin Uses Technology to Get Golfers Back on the Course Quickly. Tiger Woods and other Sports Celebrities use Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy with Success. "This Revolutionary Technology no longer Reserved for the Elite," says Dr. Cronin

Our golfers are itching to get back on the course. Depending on the severity of the injury, we can get them comfortable and moving again pretty quickly.

Dr. Michael Cronin, featured on the front cover of the Top Doctors of 2010 in the April issue of Phoenix Magazine, was the first Naturopathic physician ever to appear on the cover of the Top Doctors issue of Phoenix Magazine. Dr Cronin is known in Scottsdale for treating golfers for pain and injury recovery. “We often see multiple joint dysfunctions in our golfers,” Dr. Cronin states. “Our golfers are itching to get back on the course. Depending on the severity of the injury, we can get them comfortable and moving again pretty quickly.” “Platelet therapy has been a catalyst to proper recovery for our Golfers.”

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) is a non-surgical method that regenerates ligaments and treats chronic pain. During a Platelet therapy procedure the patient’s blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge which separates the plasma containing the essential platelets from the unneeded red blood cells. The PRP solution is carefully injected back into the patient's injury area. The concentrated injection stimulates (mimics) the healing process via growth factors contained in the platelets.

Media attention first described this revolutionary therapy when Hines Ward, MVP of Super bowl XL, was able to rapidly recover from a knee injury using PRP and contributed to their win at super bowl XLIII with a 38 yard touchdown reception. Then came reports that Tiger Woods used it successfully to speed recovery after surgery to his left knee. Woods was able to play in all four majors after four treatments afterwards. Tiger Woods has spoken openly about the success of his PRP Treatment in press conferences

“PRP Treatment is no longer reserved for the elite” states Dr Cronin. “We are having great success with our Golfers right here in Scottsdale.”

In addition to sports injuries, PRP is useful for musculoskeletal pain, back pain, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tear, torn meniscus, strained tendons, ligaments and degenerated discs.

PRP Therapy is a major component of the healing process that Dr. Cronin prescribes. Dr. Cronin’s integrated approach to physical medicine incorporates manipulation and physiotherapy. Cronin adds, “We look at diet and nutrition; evaluate the biomechanics of trauma and its effect on movement and muscle sequencing; and carefully evaluate the condition of the joint capsule, tendons and ligaments. If our Golfers want to be back on the course faster, we must attack the cause of the pain in a multi-faceted approach.”

Michael Cronin, NMD, DAAPM, is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management and Founder of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Cronin states, “Naturopathic physicians seek to treat the causes of disease rather than to simply suppress the symptoms. In naturopathic medicine we treat the whole person using natural medicines integrated with supportive aspects of conventional medicine.” “Treating Pain effectively and achieving complete recovery is an important part of what we do here. PRP has given hope to those whom only a few years ago had very limited options to recovery.” Says Dr. Cronin

Many consider golf a physical activity with little chance of injury. But many golfers, estimated at 50%, will experience an injury in their playing career. Many of the injuries are to the rotator cuff, elbow and wrist often due to the sudden jolt that occurs on those rare occasions when the club strikes the ground on a missed swing. The older player is more susceptible to low back pain and torn knee meniscus as muscle tone is reduced and mechanics are less fluid.

PRP Therapy has really started gaining traction over the past two years when Tiger Woods, Hines Ward, and other notable sports celebrities performing at high levels had success with treatment. A short series of treatments is normal. The goal is to repair the injured areas, not just relieve the pain. The procedure does not create much discomfort and is recommended over the traditional use of cortisone injections, which have undesirable side effects.

Fortunately, the casual golfer and other athletes now have an option with naturopathic medicine and, specifically, with PRP therapy, to correct those nagging and painful injuries that limit their activities.

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