Hormone Imbalance and Women's Health: Best-Selling Author Dr. Sherrill Sellman Sets The Record Straight

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Free Teleseminar Dispels Common Myths About Hormone Imbalance And Provides Expert Advice For Women Seeking Natural Alternatives

So many women have found effective and natural hormone support in our pomegranate products after hitting debilitating dead-ends with conventional medicine. Knowledge is the cornerstone of good health, so we're excited to host Dr. Sellman's teleseminar.

Pomegranate Health and Dr. Sherrill Sellman today announced a joint educational teleseminar to be held on Tuesday, April 20 at 8 pm, EDT. The teleseminar, "Hormone Imbalance and Hormone Health: Essential Information Your Doctor Isn't Telling You”, will provide information on hormone imbalance and women's health. The expert presenter, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, is best-selling author of Hormone Heresy; What Women MUST Know About Their Hormones. Dr. Sellman will also answer questions at the end of the teleseminar. To register, go to http://www.pomegranatehealth.com/teleseminar to secure a spot for this online event. You can also download a free eBook written by Dr. Sellman upon registration.

"I've worked with patient after patient who has experienced terrible health problems from conventional hormonal interventions like hormone replacement therapy (HRT)," says Dr. Sellman. "And each of these women have found tremendous relief in first understanding their hormones better and then applying natural means to keep them in balance."

Just last year, in February 2009, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study out of the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center linking the drop in breast cancer rates in mid-2002 to the abrupt reduction in HRT use in the same year. This sudden halt in HRT use was due to the well-publicized stoppage of the Women's Health Initiative, a large-scale study on post-menopausal women and HRT use. In 2002, Women's Health Initiative researchers decided to end the study early when it became clear that the participants using HRT were at increased risk for breast cancer and heart disease.

Yet despite these and other concerns raised over the increased health risks associated with HRT, it's seen a recent resurgence of use. Both women and their doctors have decided the promise of relief from problems associated with aging outweighs the risks.

"Many women are choosing HRT and other synthetic hormonal interventions because they don't know there are effective natural alternatives without the risks. And their doctors aren't telling them about these options." points out Sellman. "The choice to either use HRT or go without it and tough it out through menopause and post-menopause is a false choice since so many good options are left out."

The joint teleseminar, "Hormone Imbalance and Hormone Health: Essential Information Your Doctor Isn't Telling You" will provide information about these natural options and explain why they are so effective.

"So many of our customers have found effective and natural hormone support in our pomegranate products after hitting debilitating dead-ends with conventional medicine," says Neal Holtzman, founder and owner of Pomegranate Health, the teleseminar's sponsor. "Knowledge is the cornerstone of good health so we're excited to host Dr. Sellman and help more women gain access to this critical information.

Pomegranate Health manufactures and sells BalancePom, a natural health supplement made from 100% pomegranate extracts, and MoisturePom, an all-natural vaginal moisturizing ointment.

To register for the April 20th teleseminar and download a copy of Dr. Sellman's free eBook on hormonal balance, go to http://www.pomegranatehealth.com/teleseminar or call 1-800-661-5176 for more information.

About Dr. Sherrill Sellman:

Dr. Sherrill Sellman is a Naturopathic Doctor, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, and a leading voice in women's holistic health. An internationally respected lecturer, author and health journalist, Dr. Sellman has been helping women globally to achieve greater health through holistic approaches. Dr. Sellman is a senior editor at TotalHealth Magazine, psychotherapist and president of WomanWise International, a health consulting company. She is best-selling author of the books Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know About Their Hormones, and What Women MUST Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer. For more information about Dr. Sellman's programs, free articles and teleclasses, consulting services or lecture schedule, please visit http://www.whatwomenmustknow.com.

About Pomegranate Health:

Established in 2004, Pomegranate Health’s core mission is unlocking the pomegranate's powerful health benefits into effective consumer health products. Pomegranate Health currently offers dietary supplements for hormonal balance and heart health, skin care products, and an all-natural vaginal moisturizer. In addition to quality products, Pomegranate Health strives to provide critical information to people seeking effective and natural health solutions. The company sponsors educational events and a portion of its proceeds goes to support carefully selected non-profits in the area of women’s health and wellness. For more information about Pomegranate Health, visit their website at http://www.pomegranatehealth.com or call 1-800-661-5176.


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