Onboarding System First to Offer Cloud Option

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Emerald Software Group announces today that the company’s new employee onboarding system, Universal Onboarding, is the first to offer a cloud computing option.

Emerald Software Group, LLC (Emerald Software), a leading publisher of paperless employee onboarding technology, today announces that their product, Universal Onboarding, is available to clients in a cloud computing platform. Emerald Software's Universal Onboarding system utilizes a web-based wizard to collect data from new employees and automatically generates an electronic new hire forms package. The system can then pass the new employee’s data to HRMS and payroll systems.

Universal Onboarding is based upon a unique business process management platform that can more readily accommodate unique business requirements and forms, and is available off-the-shelf with support for all federal and state forms. Emerald Software’s onboarding products, including Universal Onboarding, are available to clients through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) license in Emerald’s conventional data center and through Emerald’s cloud option, based on customer needs and preferences.

Cloud computing has evolved in recent years as an enterprise computing platform with characteristics of public utilities. The benefits of cloud computing in general include reliability, scalability, and cost-savings; the benefits of cloud computing to HR users specifically regarding onboarding new employees include near perfect availability, the ability to scale immediately and seamlessly to support the onboarding of batches of employees, and to maintain a low cost of ownership.

“Cloud computing offers HR ultra high availability, data security, and reliability for a fraction of what it used to cost,” says Jeff Hayden, Vice President of Emerald Software Group. “In our cloud environment, we can just as easily accommodate an employer hiring 100,000 employees in a month as an employer hiring 10 employees in a month.”

Emerald Software’s cloud computing platform is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as EC2, one of the most mature and popular cloud platforms available today.

“A significant benefit for onboarding employees in a cloud platform is batch onboarding needs,” Hayden continues. “Employers that need to onboard a lot of employees in a short time frame, such as seasonal employers or school districts or companies going through M&A activity, can benefit from our cloud platform because we can temporarily and immediately scale to handle the load without having to provision and dedicate hardware, and we pass those cost savings back to our clients.” He goes on to add, “and from a practical standpoint, the cloud never goes down.”

About Emerald Software Group

Emerald Software Group has been offering employee onboarding technology since the mid 1990s. The company’s Universal Onboarding product is a leading transactional onboarding product that, combined with the company’s New Employee Acculturation Portal, supports the hiring automation needs of companies around the world in any language. The company’s onboarding products are particularly well suited for companies with high hiring volumes, including restaurant groups and food services, retail, HR services and staffing, and healthcare. Emerald Software is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and has offices in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; their website is http://www.emeraldsoftwaregroup.com.


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