Assembla Announces Free Subversion and GIT Repositories Eliminating Barriers for Distributed Teams Working with Code in the Cloud

Share Article announces completely free, unlimited, full-featured, private, commercial quality subversion and git repository hosting. Assembla is one of the most widely used hosted development platforms, currently serving more than 235,000 users with their world class repositories, ticketing / bug tracking and other collaboration tools.

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Accelerate your project with online workspaces

This is a huge day for Assembla repository users. Assembla now offers free, privately permissioned, encryption enabled, unlimited user, full gigabyte, commercial quality subversion and git repositories, and that is just the beginning. Andy Singleton, CEO

Assembla is announcing free, enterprise-quality subversion and git hosting for all new and current users.

Today, many project teams are distributed, most software teams are distributed, and almost all teams that deliver code to clients are not sitting next to the client. Assembla accelerates and streamlines the work of these teams. Assembla studies how to manage distributed teams, and packages that knowledge into online workspaces that unite team members, provide visibility into the work of the team, and capture valuable intellectual property. Subversion and Git code repositories are an important part of these workspaces.


Assembla announces completely free, unlimited, full featured, private, commercial quality subversion and git repository hosting. Assembla is one of the most widely used repository platforms, currently serving more than 235,000 users and 5,000 paying subscribers around the globe.

  •     See video presentation of new offering.
  •     Assembla’s free repositories have no user limits, and offer the same commercial features, including activity tracking and alerting, encryption, backup, copy, code browsing, and Web site rendering, for which users today pay $5 to $250 a month.
  •     This release includes a fork and merge workflow that brings Assembla up to best practices for git, and introduces something new –a fork and merge capability for subversion, the world’s most popular code repository. Fork and merge is the hot new open source workflow for sharing code between individuals and submitting improvements. Assembla has adapted it for commercial use by integrating it with management, collaboration, and permissioning tools for teams. You can check out the fork and merge video here.
  •     Assembla has opened the platform by releasing source code, with a toolkit for developers who wish to add new plugin tools to the workspaces. Assembla offers bounties of up to $10K for developers that submit new tools. See development workspace here. Assembla has also opened up its catalog of preconfigured spaces so that users can submit templates that include code, tools, and documentation to instantly launch projects.
  •     Assembla has also arranged for hosting affiliates to provide staging servers that are integrated with Assembla preconfigured workspaces.


  •     Equip your team with the biggest selection of tools for management and collaboration - more than 25 different tools - including integrated ticketing and issue management. Add additional development tools to the project, as needed.
  •     Feel the power of industry-leading subversion and git hosting, including distinctive features such as one-click Web publishing, fork and merge, ftp publishing, webhooks, email alert management, etc.
  •     Get started with a free private repository that includes the most users (unlimited), disk space (2GB), time (unlimited), and security features
  •     Get started even faster with preconfigured workspaces.
  •     Accelerate distributed teams by showing real-time activity streams.
  •     Reduce costs by collecting all of the related IP for future maintenance and enhancement projects. The integrated workspace captures what you do, what you know, and what you will need to know.
  •     Collaborate with clients, and hand off a complete package. Assembla is unique in allowing projects to be passed to new owners.


Audience: Software consultants and contractors, outsourcers, subversion users, corporate IT and developers, software companies, commercial and non-commercial open source developers

CEO Customer Testimonials

"I have been using Assembla for over 2 years and want to congratulate your team on taking the leap to offer free repositories. It was inevitable that someone would do it, and I am glad that it was you guys because you have a truly great product."

Axel Jensen, CEO
AJX Programming

Thank you, Assembla. Finally, free GIT and Subversion repositories that are the real deal. I am sick to death of free tools that aren’t really free because they are limited in some critical way. If all you need is a repository, then it doesn't get any better than what you are providing. And, it is comforting to know that you also offer subscription tools like a bug tracker and wiki which many teams will eventually need.

Luis Majano, Founder

We're productivity experts, and for our development team, it's Assembla all the way. Assembla's agile ticketing is flexible enough for GTD and TRO. Its wiki and email integration keep team communication flowing and searchable. The support is great. And now, Assembla's 100% free SVN and GIT repositories make it a no-brainer to get started. Run, don't walk, and check it out.

Kevin Crenshaw, CEO


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