Accsys Technologies PLC unveils world's first Medite Tricoya® panel - the latest innovation in the wood composites industry

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Accsys Technologies PLC ("Accsys") unveiled the world's first Medite Tricoya® panel, together with Coillte Panel Products, marking one of the first true innovations in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years.

Accsys Technologies PLC ("Accsys") unveiled the world's first Medite Tricoya® panel at the annual Ecobuild exhibition, together with Coillte Panel Products.

Speaking at a lunchtime reception attended by some 50 key industry opinion formers, company's stakeholders and distributors as well as influential national press yesterday, Paul Clegg, Chief Executive Officer of Accsys, said this trial panel marks one of the first true innovations in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years.

Mr Clegg says: "We are very excited to unveil the first Medite Tricoya® panel to our business partners, industry friends and media at Ecobuild today. This innovative product is based on the same acetylation process that creates Accoya® wood, the world's leading high technology solid wood product. This time, the technology is applied to treat the chips and fibres, which make up Medite MDF (medium density fibreboard) panels."

Gerard Britchfield, Managing Director of Medite's parent division, Coillte Panel Products, adds that this next generation panel has very strong environmental credentials as it combines the traditional superb machinability and smoothness properties of Medite MDF with the sharply enhanced performance characteristics delivered by the Tricoya® process, particularly with regard to durability and dimensional stability in wet environments.

"Following the signing of the Joint Development Agreement last year, this is an important step forward. However, we still have a significant body of technical research and market assessment to complete in 2010 in order to bring this commercial feasibility stage of the development progress to a definitive conclusion," Mr Britchfield says.

At the reception, Paul was also delighted to announce two additional achievements of Accoya® wood as follows:
1.    billed as a low carbon alternative compared to other conventional construction materials following a recent assessment by Camco, a leading environmental consultancy

2.    named as a 'Gold standard' product under the Cradle to CradleSM (C2C) Certification scheme that has become one of the most important eco-labels worldwide
By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of abundantly available fast-growing certified wood species, Accoya provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods (which are often unsustainably sourced), woods treated with toxic chemicals and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel and concrete.

The reception was also attended by some key opinion formers in the timber industry, including Charles Trevor, Chairman of the Wood Technology Society. He commented that the timber industry in the UK is now facing challenging times due to the recent recession, competition from other building materials and low promotional spend.

"However, the good news is that more people than ever understand that timber is the most sustainable building material for the 21st Century. In addition, engineered wood products like glulam, LVL and cross laminated timber have brought a new and welcome predictability to the business of specifying wood. Now Accoya® wood can be added to this list of engineered wood products - engineered because it has been modified and quality assured for decay resistance, durability and dimensional stability."

For further information, to arrange an interview or high-resolution images please contact Sarah Allen at Fuel PR on 020 7498 8211.

Notes to Editors:
Titan Wood Limited ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Accsys Technologies PLC ( group of companies. Accsys Technologies PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market, and on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext, under the symbols 'AXS'.

Medite Europe Ltd. ( is part of Coillte Panel Products and owned by Coillte, the Irish forestry and forest products company. Medite products are recognised as the benchmark for quality, consistency and performance in MDF, as well as being FSC certified. Medite has led the market in technical innovation, introducing such advances as moisture resistant, flame retardant, exterior grade, zero-added formaldehyde and flooring quality MDF varieties, and their programme of innovation is continuous.

Coillte Panel Products ( is a significant and powerful player in Europe’s composite board marketplace. Its brands Medite MDF and SmartPly OSB are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which differentiates them from many competitor and substitute products, and enables them to meet environmental standards which are becoming increasingly important to designers, specifiers, architects and clients for both public and private projects.

Wood Acetylation is a process which increases the amount of 'acetyl' molecules in wood, thereby changing its physical properties. The process protects wood from rot by making it "inedible" to most micro-organisms and insects, without - unlike conventional treatments - making it toxic. It also greatly reduces the wood's tendency to swell and shrink, making it less prone to cracking and ensuring that, when painted, it requires dramatically reduced maintenance.

Accoya® wood ( is produced using a patented process that effectively converts sustainably grown softwoods and non-durable hardwoods into what is best described as a "high technology wood". Distinguished by its durability, dimensional stability and, perhaps most importantly of all, its reliability (in terms of consistency of both supply and quality), Accoya® wood is particularly suited to exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued. Unlike most tropical and European hardwoods, its colour does not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light. Moreover, the Accoya® wood production process does not compromise the wood's strength or machinability. The combination of UV resistance, dimensional stability, durability and retained strength means that Accoya® wood offers a wealth of new opportunities to architects, designers and specifiers. For marine uses where weight is also important, Accoya® wood for the first time provides boat builders with a wood that is strong, lightweight, durable and which retains its natural beauty for far longer.

Medite Tricoya® Combining technologies from both partners who signed the JDA in London June 2009

Tricoya® Wood Elements ( is Titan Wood's proprietary technology for the acetylation of wood fibres, chips, and particles for use in the fabrication of wood based composites, including panel products. These composites demonstrate enhanced durability and dimensional stability which allow them to be used in a variety of applications which were once limited to solid wood or man-made products. Tricoya® Wood Elements is lauded as the first major innovation in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years.

Camco ( Camco is a leading international climate change and sustainable development company that has been providing strategic, technical and financial services in this field for more than 20 years. They work closely with major companies worldwide, establishing partnerships to turn clients’ climate change liabilities into economic, social and environmental assets. As one component of their diverse service offerings, Camco have undertaken over 1,000 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions assessments in line with current best practice in GHG quantification and reporting. These assessments cover all six Kyoto greenhouse gases and encompass Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions sources in line with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute’s (WBCSD/WRI) Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocol best practice guidelines.

MBDC ( Since 1995, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) has been engaging with large and small companies with the challenge of industry to scientifically evaluate and design materials and products according to these principles. In response to industry demand, MBDC is now offering companies the chance to have their materials and products not only evaluated, but also certified according to the Cradle to CradleSM Principles.

ACCOYA®, TRICOYA®, and the Trimarque Device are registered trademarks owned by Titan Wood Limited – part of Accsys Technologies Plc and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.


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