Combating Serious Sleep Disorders: A Los Angeles Area Dentist Partners with 1-800-SNORING

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Announcing new technology and new 1-800-SNORING affiliation to treat snoring and sleep apnea in Los Angeles. As many as half of adults in the US may suffer from an easily treated, life-altering problem: snoring! Dr. Greenman now offers breakthrough technology and life-saving sleep apnea treatment for Los Angeles families.

A dentist in Westlake Village with more than twenty years of experience now gives Los Angeles even more reasons to smile, with advanced sleep apnea treatment. While people across the country report fatigue and decreased energy, the Los Angeles dental patients of Dr. Steven Greenman are receiving breakthrough screening technology and treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.

Hiding behind the belief that snoring is harmless – and that it makes for great sitcom television – lies the startling truth about how much it impacts health, longevity, and our relationships. It’s now believed that up to 25% of couples are sleeping in separate rooms because of snoring! The toll on our mood, hormones, weight gain, and irritability are more difficult to quantify.

The good news is that the sleep disorder specialists at 1-800-SNORING have created high-tech diagnostic instruments, along with advanced sleep study lab equipment and new treatments. For sleep apnea treatment in Los Angeles, Steven Greenman DDS has recently partnered with the 1-800-SNORING team. This empowers him to help more families improve their health and their quality of life through affordable custom dental devices.

As this Westlake Village dentist explains, snoring is actually a result of the airway passages being restricted in some manner while asleep. Not being able to breathe well naturally makes the body uncomfortable. However, as many as 1 in 7 snorers stop breathing all together while asleep – sometimes for more than 2 minutes! In extreme cases, these interruptions may occur up to 100 times per hour. Known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), the level of oxygen in the bloodstream can fall to very low levels while carbon dioxide increases, straining the heart, brain, blood vessels and other organs.

“If left undiagnosed and untreated, sleep apnea can reduce the average lifespan by 7 to 10 years,” says Dr. Greenman. “Those who are at risk generally have, or have a family history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, impotence, dementia, or may be overweight. The life-threatening possibilities, and the social stigma of snoring, are what led me to pursue the solutions that treat the cause, not just the symptoms.” He cites the commonly prescribed CPAP machine which provides oxygen to sleeping patients, as an example. However, common complaints are that it’s costly, noisy, difficult to transport, and uncomfortable.

What about those who have tried a custom-fitted dental device, designed by the dentist to align their jaw and passageways properly? Many are thrilled with the cost-effective results and find them very comfortable to wear, in comparison. He adds, “Following a comprehensive examination of the head, neck, oral cavity, and nasal passages, we can demonstrate how these devices may increase the amount of air reaching their lungs by as much as 300%.”

At his Los Angeles area practice, Dr. Greenman first provides a convenient Embletta Home Sleep Monitor, which meets American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards. Another high-tech tool is the Pharyngometer/Rhinometer, developed at Harvard University to provide specific dimensions of the nasal and oral/pharyngeal airways. A 3D ConeBeam CT scan may also indicate constriction to this dentist, and help to diagnose sleep apnea in a Los Angeles area patient. Once the custom device has been crafted and used, a follow-up sleep study is conducted to verify the effectiveness of treatment.

The best news of all is that these treatments are typically covered by PPO’s and Medicare. Like any restorative and cosmetic dentistry provided by Dr. Greenman, interest-free and extended financing is also available. As he says, “Our mission is clear. We care enough to provide a well-rounded, whole-health approach to your dental care, as we pledge to continue on as industry leaders in service and technology.”

Contact this Westlake Village dentist, to see if sleep apnea treatment can help your Los Angeles area family get a good night’s rest.

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