CarbonCopyPro University ...A Game Changer In The Education And Marketing Arena - Once Again, The Whole World Is Listening

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University- An institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically : one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates.

The late Great Jim Rohn once said that: "Formal education will make you rich. Self education will make you a fortune". Evey so often someone or a group comes along and changes the way things are. More often than not, this change is usuallly for the better. Most people know it as changing the staus-quo, especially when the status-quo no longer serves the the interest of the people.

There is a platform called carboncopypro. Carboncopypro is a an education and marketing company that has been changing the lives of entrepreneurs for the last 4-plus years. They came along and changed the way entrepreneurs get the word out about their business. They revolutionized marketing as we "knew it." Carboncopypro has been educating entrepreneurs and teaching them how to market. People no longer have to learn through the school of "hard knocks"

People who were making nickles and dimes in traditional mlm are now making more money in a month than most people make in a year, using Carboncopypro. They came to the realization that the biggest issue facing business owners online or off, is marketing.

Now, Caboncopypro is doing it once again! They have introduced what they call...drum roll, please...! Carboncopypro University. Again, the focus is on education and training. Before CCPRO University, carboncopypro was already giving top training to all members coming on board the platform. Now Carboncopypro University is taking it many steps further by making education and training of the brand newest members fun and interactive!

As defined by Meriam Webster dictionary, a university is: "An institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees." Yes, Carboncopypro has become an institution of higher learning for business owners and entrepreneurs in well over 180 countries worldwide. Providing advanced marketing education is the corner stone of what CCPRO does.

Yes, CCPRO is leading the way once more in marketing education, and bringing success to former mlm failures. Not only is the CCPRO Univeristy changing the status-quo of how to help your people succeed in business, it has become an integral part of Carboncopypro curriculum at no additional cost to CCPRO members.

With this additional training tool, carboncopypro is showing once again why it is the industry leader in marketing and education.

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