Embarrassing Moment Inspires Chicagoland Mom to Create Handy New Accessory: PortaPocket Strap-on Carrying Cases Help Women Keep Personal Things Personal

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A mishap with a reserve feminine hygiene item spawned a whole new career direction for a gym-going mom...she created a whole new product line designed to save other females from red-faced moments after experiencing one herself. Her strap-on carrying cases provide a solution for pocket-challenged clothing, and offer confidence and peace of mind for active women.

Kendra Kroll went to the gym for a workout…but left with a whole new career. The innocent spare tampon accidentally dropping onto the floor didn’t reverberate so loudly, but it was the embarrassment of this event that made her think that there’s got to be a better way. Despite the fact she was wearing pants with pockets, the open flap didn’t do its duty, and when she noticed her errant hygiene item 10 minutes later, she was determined to solve her own problem…and help others as well.

PortaPocket …by Undercover Solutions, LLC was born. The lightweight strap-on carrying case system safely and comfortably keeps small and important items ON the body without risk of theft, loss or inconvenience.

Many outfits have a shortage of adequate pockets, and women, especially, are at a loss to keep the things they readily need in a convenient spot. People frequently stick items in a sock, shoe, sleeve or bra when there are no other alternatives. PortaPocket helps gals with its versatile and discreet design as it’s meant to be worn on the thigh, calf, ankle, arm or waist and under or over the clothing.

The easy-to-use PortaPocket system consists of a simple band that wraps around the body, and onto which a detachable pocket is mounted. The interchangeable neoprene pockets are made in a selection of sizes ranging from a small credit card size, up to sizes to fit a passport or medical device like an insulin pump or epinephrine pen. The system is streamlined to work under a vast array of clothing styles, and is comfortably secure to allow extended wear.

While many active people enjoy activities like working out at the gym, dancing, traveling, standing up at weddings, or walking the dog, there can be benefits to making sure valuables and necessary items are always kept in secure places. PortaPocket offers a solution to carry such things, which include IDs, cash, cards, keys, cell phones (including BlackBerry and iPhone), lipstick, iPods / mp3 players, inhalers, small cameras, more.

"This is a useful, practical idea for a Mother’s Day gift" said Kendra Kroll, Owner of Undercover Solutions. "It’s mom-designed and can be helpful for moms, as well as being an inexpensive way to bring peace of mind and confidence in these tough economic times with rising thefts. And if your honey doesn’t want to give up her purse, I say don’t! It's not necessarily meant to replace a fashionable bag, but can be used in conjunction with one to keep the things she can’t afford to lose closest to herself…"

PortaPocket kits range from $8.95 to $24.95 and are available on Amazon http://bit.ly/9JQWj5, at select retailers, or via http://www.portapocket.com. For more information, call Undercover Solutions, LLC at 847-809-3408.

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