Volcanic Ash Should Not Deter Proper Siting of Data Centers on Iceland

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Ronald Bowman, Jr., Executive Vice President of Tishman Technologies and Expert on Business Continuity Planning and Energy Discusses Reliability of Mission Critical Facilities on Iceland.

Seismic activity should not deter major financial firms and other companies from building data centers on Iceland

Despite the recent seismic activity and volcanic ash affecting the region and grounding air traffic, Iceland remains one of the most attractive countries in the world to support Data Centers and Mission Critical Facilities, according to Ronald Bowman, Jr., Executive Vice President of Tishman Technologies, and a nationally recognized expert in telecommunications and mission-critical data center planning, siting, design, engineering, and construction.

“Seismic activity should not deter major financial firms and other companies from building data centers on Iceland,” says Bowman. “The economic benefits Iceland offers, such as low energy costs and free cooling are tremendous, and the proper siting of a data center will prove reliable, and even help to avoid the effects of ground shaking.”

Bowman points out:

  •     Iceland remains a top economically attractive and reliable location for data center mission critical facilities.
  •     Thus far, neither the government nor any of the power, fiber optics, aluminum smelters, or other existing major infrastructure users in Iceland has experienced power outages due to the volcanic activity. Uninterrupted, 24 x 7 power supply and back-up for data centers are critical to their operation.
  •     Concern over the particles in air that have grounded air traffic in the region do not apply to data centers because Iceland’s water cooling solutions come from existing cool, free water (ocean and lake). Particulates in air are of no consequence to this system.
  •     Strategically locating data centers away from potential disaster epicenters, whether they are man-made or by “acts of God,” has always been part of the process and is nothing new. For instance, they cannot be located within 50 miles of a nuclear plant, known as the “agricultural kill zone,” nor can they be upwind of gas distribution or waste facilities.
  •     Strategically located data centers in Iceland would have been unaffected by the volcanic activity, in terms of the amount and reliability of outside plant (OSP) infrastructure (power, water, and fiber) needed to support Mission Critical Facilities. They are as solid today as they were a few days ago, and will fare well through seismic activity of this kind.

About Ronald Bowman, Jr.
Ronald Bowman, Jr. is Executive Vice President of Tishman Technologies and author of two books, Business Continuity Planning: A Strategic Implementation Guide, and Thinking Outside the Grid: The Green Guide to Power. He’s an expert in alternative power, co-gen facilities, the national power grid, and the greening of data centers.

Mr. Bowman is also teaching a class on energy sustainability to students in the Master of Science in Real Estate Development program at Columbia University.

About Tishman Technologies Corporation (TTC)
Established in 1990, TTC is the longest operating construction firm focusing exclusively on three key dimensions of mission critical facilities: strategic planning, construction / expansion / retro-fitting of mission critical facilities and energy solutions. Today, the firm is a national leader recognized for clarifying and managing the many complexities in these robust facilities and has built or leased more than 22 million square feet of white space throughout the country.

TTC has played a critical role in the planning, design and building of mission critical facilities of all sizes up to 650,000 square feet – including trading floors for financial service companies, enterprise and main frame data centers (stand alone, shared or co-location), telecommunications switch sites, data processing and call centers, as well as co-location centers. Over the last several years, TTCs professionals have completed 12 Tier 3 and Tier 4 mission critical facilities, as defined by the Uptime Institute.

Visit http://www.tishmanconstruction.com/index.php?q=ttc for more information.


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