Focus on Lefties - Left-Handed Focus Group Reveals Lefties are Thrilled with New Products

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Lefty's San Francisco, the world's biggest on-line retailer specializing in products for left handers, conducted a focus group to review current and potential products. The study revealed that most left-handers have no idea these products exist, and that, though some of the tools require a little training, once they've tried them out, lefties would not consider going back to using right handed stuff.

Focus on Left Handers: For a Change!

Lefthanders were just left out when righthanders arranged the world, even though they make up some 15% of the population. From right handed desktops in school, to right handed scissors to right handed can openers, everything is designed to work well for righties and backwards for lefties. Lefthanders have to "adapt".

Right handed parents often think their lefty kids are clumsy, and schoolmates think them "slow". Its fair to say that lefties quite literally just have to try harder.

In an age of ergonomic design, when office chairs have 5 different adjustments and sports equipment is manufactured in variations fitting every body type, ability level, and style of use, products designed for left handers are finally becoming available.

Lefty's San Francisco, the World's Largest On-line Retailer of Left-Handed Gifts and Tools (, is committed to assembling the best and most interesting selection of left-handed products possible. With stores on both sides of the United States, one on San Francisco's Pier 39 and the other at Downtown Disney, The Marketplace, at the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL, Lefty's serves and listens to left handers from across the country and around the world.

On Feb. 20, 2010, Lefty's held their first Left Handed Focus Group. From all corners of the San Francisco Bay Area, a group of lefty volunteers assembled at the corporate office in Oakland, CA, to try out and review a range of current and potential products. Old and young, male and female, this small group tried out and reported on products ranging from pens and notebooks, to scissors, knives, can openers and corkscrews, left handed cooking tools, left handed guitars, computer mice, and much much more. Aside from information about specific products, there were some unexpected findings:

  • Adult lefties have had to adapt, and many believe they no longer have difficulty using right handed tools. They have no idea the products we carry to make their lives easier even exist. Kids, however, take to the left handed products right away.
  • Using left handed tools often takes a little training. Once they've used left handed tools, though, most lefties will not even consider returning to right handed tools.
  • Knives are the most complicated left handed products to review. The left-handed tomato knife was a huge hit.

An unintended result was witnessing the excitement of several members of the focus group at discovering these products existed. One left-handed mother was particularly excited that her left handed daughter would not have to endure all the difficulties she had grown accustomed to encountering.

Left-handers are reputed to be creative, versatile, intelligent, and resilient. Do these traits inhabit the left-handed gene, or are they a product of every lefty's daily struggles in a right handed world? Whatever the origin of their character traits, some relief is in sight for this valiant, beleaguered minority.

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