Dating Advice For Men Cover Up? The 3 Truths About Dating Coaches They Don’t Want Single Men To Know

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An insider’s look on dating advice for men and why the real message has only now begun to emerge on:

Single men don't have to look far for dating tips for men or dating coaches. The question Dennis Miedema asks (and so should single men) is this: are single guys really getting the truth about attraction from dating coaches? Do dating coaches really walk the walk after talking the talk? If the mainstream media provides any clues, the answer is no.

Dennis Miedema, a top dating coach that gives dating advice for men revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story here is that most dating coaches are egomaniacs who are out to get the money of single men that are looking for ways to get a date. These coaches don't really care about a guy's long term success with women. And that's just the beginning…”

As proof, Dennis Miedema asks all single men out there to consider these 3 things before deciding on who to ask for dating advice.

1) How do single men "keep the girl" after meeting and dating her? Dennis Miedema says: "99% of all dating coaches won't give guys a straight answer. They'll be on their own after a date. Doomed to achieve short term success forever. Unless a guy gets a top dating coach that knows what he's doing. And most single men don't get a good dating coach, but one that's forever stuck living in his own “playboy“ fantasies. That's just aweful. Improving men's lives isn't supposed to be like that."

2) Dennis Miedema also points out: "most dating coaches let single men believe that they need techniques X, Y, and Z. But letting someone believe they need techniques to “get the girl” is letting them believe there is something wrong with them, why else would they need techniques? There's nothing wrong with them though! That's only what bad coaches tell guys so they can sell more of their coaching."

According to Dennis: “achieving dating success is about how to get more women in a unique situation because everyone's life is unique. It's NOT about teaching single men how to pretend to be someone or something they're not. That's why I teach the laws of attraction, the principles, that work for any situation AND allow guys to be themselves. They allow them to have fun when dating instead of becoming robots who wait for reaction ABC after technique XYZ.”

3) Nothing is more personal than dating advice, so dating coaches need to treat single men that become their customers like VIPs. Unfortunately, Dennis has a list of people who give dating advice for men that will treat single men like dirt.

They ban guys from their site, their coaching program, their forums. Why? Because the poor guys disagreed with them, so those so-called dating coaches don't want to help them anymore. Their dating tips are apparently holy and the opinion of any other man is a mortal sin. What's worse, even if a single guy has some major insecurities, they still won't help him when he disagreed with something or needed more proof.

Dennis Miedema seems to be the only dating coach who truly seems to care about the dating success of the single man. Dennis is the author of The Simple Inner Game System and a trusted authority on dating advice for men. During the last 2 years, he has helped 603 men approach 10.854 women, get 2.713 phone numbers, and go on 904 dates. If not more. He's a great dating coach that talks the talk and walks the walk and he makes a point of being available for dating advice almost 24 hours a day.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating coaches) and well-known dating coaches such as Carlos Xuma, Scot McKay and Adam Lyons for giving top notch quality dating advice for men from a unique perspective.

He has spoken in front of hundreds of single men on such topics as how to beat the fear of rejection, the top 10 things not to do when approaching women, and how to create attraction using nothing but a great personality. Dennis hopes to finally reveal the truth about attraction, about confidence, and about dating coaches.

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