JointVitality Proprietary Treatment Transforms Joint Pain Management

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JointVitality treatment transforms joint pain management. Low risk, noninvasive treatment options result in reduced pain, faster rehabilitation and total healing and joint repair in many cases.

JointVitality offers real hope. Though Dr. Zarembinski can treat the most extreme pain cases, his practice aims ultimately at low risk, noninvasive treatment options

Dr. Christopher Zarembinski, MD, a pioneer in pain management, especially knee, back and joint pain has developed a treatment that transforms joint pain management, with low risk, noninvasive treatment options, resulting in reduced pain, faster rehabilitation and total healing and repair in many cases. His JointVitality centers in Los Angeles and Denver are currently the only two places where patients can receive long-term breakthrough pain relief with KneeVitality—a precision injection of natural FDA approved proprietary medicines for knee pain in the joint. Currently, there are also injections for hip and shoulder relief.

You might have seen Dr. Zarembinski recently treating contestants on Dancing with the Stars. The doctor’s role on Dancing with the Stars as medical consultant is one of his many command performances around the globe. He is an international activist, heading Boards for Charitable Funds from the Ukraine to California. He is a cofounder of the renowned Pain Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and regularly lectures at spine and pain conferences all over the world. He is a tireless researcher and promoter of comprehensive and cutting edge pain management—for people from the most elegant ballrooms to those with the most acute and chronic disabilities.

JointVitality offers real hope. Though Dr. Zarembinski can treat the most extreme pain cases, his practice aims ultimately at low risk, noninvasive treatment options. Until now, interventional pain management for joints has been problematic. There have been too many side effects from technically imprecise injections and a list of dangerous complications with other oral non-steroidal treatments. The JointVitality treatment transforms pain management.

Dr. Zarembinski uses fluoroscopic imaging to inject KneeVitality with unprecedented precision at specific nerve roots—resulting in reduced joint pain and faster rehabilitation—with total healing and repair in many cases. An FDA approved key substance in KneeVitality, hyaluronan, is found naturally in joint fluid. Hyaluronan and other constituents in KneeVitality act to lubricate painful joints and bones, while reducing inflammation.

JointVitality clinics provide real hope to patients who been without alternatives for pain relief in the past. KneeVitality is not only proven safe for pain relief, but the cutting edge treatment helps revive people to function and live fully again.

The Future Keeps Getting Brighter with JointVitality. Knee Vitality will be even more powerful in the near future. Dr. Zarembinski and his team are working with a biotechnology firm to further refine the injection therapies with hydrogel for far-reaching shock absorption in the joints, providing great benefits beyond the already profound anti-inflammatory treatment.

Right now the JointVitality clinics provide injection therapies to larger joints: hips, knee and shoulder. The JointVitality therapies will also be available for smaller joint pain issues, like wrist, ankle and TMJ.

About Joint Vitality
JointVitality's knee vitality stops knee pain by providing precise interventional delivery of cutting-edge medications. Treatment requires only one day of decreased activity. It is a breakthrough treatment that is not experimental. For relief from your knee pain visit our Denver knee pain clinic or jointVitality's Los Angeles knee pain center or call 866 -608 8227. Free consultations and insurance coverage are provided at the JointVitality clinics in Los Angeles and Denver.


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