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All relationships, whether in romance, commitment, conflict, or separation, are defined by personal backgrounds and internal characteristics. Each year, millions of people got married, and hundreds of thousands broke-up and/or got divorced. People need objective views about themselves and their relationships – during the entire formation, change and/or dissolution processes. eLovePrism.com offers complete checks of all relationships.

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eLovePrism.com offers complete checks of all relationships:

The eLovePrism.com is a new, unique website for complete checkups of a relationship (former, current or future) with a chosen person. It measures 70 important dimensions with results represented in 8 graphic profiles for different aspects of interaction dynamics. Each user will also receive five index scores on Relationship Happiness and Misery, and Love Bonding, Alternative, and Mutuality. The Love Quotient (LQ) score is subsequently derived from all results to highlight the totality of a relationship.

Each person’s standings on the 70 dimensions and index scores are further categorized into three color zones: Green for satisfaction, Yellow for uncertainty, and Red for wake-up call. Visit http://www.eLovePrism.com.

After completing the Survey, each user will receive two books containing all results and interpretation guides: Web-Report displayed on the computer screen, and Mail-Report sent to the user’s email as a PDF document.

All adults need objective means for self-examinations:

This online survey is simple, stimulating and confidential. For people contemplating an engagement, marriage, separation or even divorce, this website will provide an objective means to clarify personal needs, wants, and expectations, and to reflect how these factors have impacted the entire process of relationship dynamics.

Clearly, this website is not for dating or matching among strangers, but rather for assessing the user’s existing (real or imaginary) relationship with a chosen person. All adults will benefit from regular or periodic checkups of their relationships with boy/girl friends, fiancée/fiancé, spouses, or former friends or ex-loves. In fact, through the Prognostic Profile, one can view the predicted standings over the six relationship stages (from Attraction, Romance, Commitment, Conflict, and Dissolution to Divorce). Such results provide foundations for each user to either reinforce what is satisfying, rekindle what is deteriorating, or redress what might appear hopeless in the relationship.

To most users, taking the eLovePrism.com survey itself is a rewarding experience because the survey items are stimulating and cover all aspects of daily interactions with a chosen person. The results can help them to derive new perspectives about the relationship and thus to define their new destinies for a better future.

Marilyn’s experience and self-resolutions:

Marilyn, a stay-at-home mom, has devoted to the family and children for 34 years. In the process, she has maintained the superficial perfection in the eyes of relatives as a can-do-every-right wife, but in the meantime she has accumulated secret shame and self-doubt about her worthiness beyond the family. Such internal struggles caused long-time depression, and simultaneously led to “cold war” aggression against her husband (Jason) – from rejecting his longing for intimacy to constantly finding fault with him without rational reasons. She was fearful that such emotional difficulties might eventually shatter and jeopardize the entire family.

Marilyn took, initially with both curiosity and suspicion, the eLovePrism survey, and found the results were inspiring. Her LQ for Jason was 104 (in the average), and her love mutuality status was in the high-risk, red-light zone. Her daily interactions with Jason were mostly at the undesirable yellow and red zones that explained very well her internal distresses in the relationship.

After repeatedly studying entire results in reference to the interpretation guidelines, Marilyn was able to gain new insights and develop a positive perspective about the marriage. She further destines herself to a new pattern of interactions with Jason. With all these changes in attitudes and behaviors, she is now enjoying the true happiness of the marriage – far surpassing the mere survivorship tainted with deep agonies. Visit: http://www.eLovePrism.com/en/info/en_love_stories.html.

eLovePrism members are qualified professionals for broad services:

This website was developed by Oliver Tzeng, Ph.D. and J.D, a retired psychology professor. He has over 30 years of teaching and research in social psychology and quantitative measurement. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and two books on the theories and testing of intimate relationships from formation to dissolution (by Greenwood Publishers). He was a former president of International Academy of Intercultural Research.

Our eLovePrism team consists of experts in clinical psychology, counseling, family law, and computer science. Their devoted efforts have made the present website possible for general public services in years to come. We will also offer various training and workshops for professionals in marriage counseling and family services. Visit: http://www.eLovePrism.com/en/info/en_teamlink_master.php.

In addition, other language versions of eLovePrism.com will soon be available, including Chinese/Traditional, Chinese/Simplified, and French. To attain the same goals and functions, many international experts have been working diligently with our US headquarters members.

Oliver Tzeng, Ph.D, J.D., Founder and President,
Email: OliverTlaw(at)gmail(dot)com


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