realMethods Makes Getting on the Google App Engine Cloud a Breeze

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realMethods announces release v6 with complete application generation support for the Google App Engine in Java.

realMethods provides an Eclipse Plug-in solution for GAE Java Developers to quickly and easily generate Rich Internet Applications, refactor and web enable existing Java Applications from POJO’s or to reverse engineer legacy applications from database schema.

“With this release, our goal is to support the ever growing GAE developer community with an app generation tool that gets them to their cloud in minutes, not months,” says Steven Randolph, President of realMethods. “Importantly, they are working with the application they intend on building, not a mocked up or gutted sample they found in a GAE download or on the net in a forum. We believe that this tool will significantly expand the user base of the GAE, as well as the profile of the current size and complexity of apps now deployed. Tire kickers will quickly move to committed users when they are deploying their app and not a sample. Right now, we are working on a major point release to include Python application generation and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) as a UI alternative to our support for Struts2.”

As the Google App Engine continues to grow in popularity as a cloud deployment platform, developers are provided with a very limited set of tools to jumpstart their efforts. And although the GAE Eclipse plug-in and GDK are a starting point, they leave a developer with nothing more than a clue as to where to begin.

This is where realMethods shines. realMethods is able to generate a complete rich web application from a business model represented by either a single UML/EMF diagram or reverse engineered from a set of POJOs or existing database schema. Once the model is input, the developer can optionally target either the JPA or JDO GAE Datastore, and choose to have their application make use of Google Accounts for user authentication. Seconds after clicking the generate button and executing the generated Ant build script, developer’s have a running application accessible via browser. Functionality incorporates login/logoff and all simple and complex CRUD functionality for the targeted business objects, architected with key abstractions, logical tiers, and design patterns expected of a web app. This includes creation and management of object associations, something normally not tackled by other tools in this category.

realMethods v6 is available for download at and a generated proof-of-concept can be seen running in the GAE cloud at


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