Legacystraps Announces "Cruelty Free" Guitar Straps

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Why synthetic leather is a better choice than cowhide for guitar straps.

Legacystraps today announced that all guitar straps made by their company will now be "cruelty free", featuring end tabs made from a new high tech synthetic leather material. This is a departure from the natural cowhide ends normally seen on guitar straps. Company president Garry Merola furnished the following information that details the advantages of the new synthetic leather over cowhide. The article is also available online at http://www.legacystraps.com/synth.htm

Synthetic Leather VS cowhide.

Prior to founding http://www.legacystraps.com I had a leather shop that used only the finest vegetable tanned leathers which were then hand tooled, dyed, oiled and made into belts, handbags, hats, holsters and the like. These Leathers were very expensive and while some people might be willing to pay $75 for a Guitar Strap, I wanted to make products that would be available to all musicians, regardless of income. In an effort to make the best possible products we regularly test various materials for the ends of our guitar straps.

The Disadvantages of cowhide

Leather tanning is not a precise process and cowhide generally varies in thickness. After the hide is stripped it is run through a machine called a skiver that cuts off the very top layer of the skin, this is referred to as top grain leather. It is very thin, the most expensive part of the hide, and is used for clothing, auto upholstery and items that sell for hundreds of dollars. What's left after they remove the top grain is called a split. The split is leveled by running it through the skiver a second time in an attempt to give it a uniform thickness(which never happens). It is then coated with a synthetic top coating that is embossed to look like the top grain of leather. When you buy an inexpensive item that is called "genuine" leather in most cases what you are getting is a finished split. A split with a fake top grain.

There are some problems inherent with the graining process. If the coating is sprayed on too thick it becomes brittle so when you bend the leather it will crack. Also if the coating is too heavy it is harder to cut and sew which makes manufacturing more difficult. Maintaining a uniform thickness is impossible because its just not an exact process. In addition to these problems you have the nature of leather itself. Leather from the belly of a cow is stringy and weak and will tear easily. Leather from the shoulders is very dense and not at all supple and hard to bend. The leather that is currently available does not make a great end for a guitar strap. Its usable but difficult to work with. This is because you must use leather from the shoulders so it will not tear. Also the thickness needed to give sufficient strength to the leather end makes it difficult to put over the strap button of the guitar. If you order a strap with leather ends you will be faced with these problems.

The Advantages of Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is manufactured in rolls. The thickness is exact. It contains engineered polymers that are chemically linked to give the strength of leather without the brittleness. Ends made of Synthetic leather are very easy to get on over a guitar strap button. We have tested the synthetic leather ends extensively and have received only positive comments from our testers. The synthetic leather has the same embossed graining as the finished split leather ends so it looks just like the "genuine" leather. The synthetic leather ends are easier to work with and hold up as well if not better than cowhide leather when used for guitar straps ends. Synthetic leather has all of the best elements of cowhide without all the bad characteristics of cowhide. Due to superiority of the synthetic leather material ALL Legacy Guitar straps will now come standard with Synthetic leather ends. Since no animals are harmed to produce our products we are proud to declare our guitar straps "Cruelty Free" This should be of particular interest to our "Vegan" customers.

Legacystraps, a leader in the industry since 1970, makes a full line of guitar straps and saxophone straps. Guitar strap models include neoprene padded bass guitar straps, hand dyed tie-dye guitar straps, and Christian and other graphic design straps in a wide range of styles, colors and materials.

For Legacy guitar straps visit http://www.greatguitarstraps.com
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For further information and to see Legacy's full line of products you can visit Legacystraps at http://www.legacystraps.com


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