Catching the Compassion Virus - The Compassion Project Exceeds Goals

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The Avatar Compassion Project has the goal of creating more compassion in the world using an extraordinary exercise published on a free card. Since October 2009, more than two million compassion cards have been printed. Supporters of the card credit the exercise for restoring peace to their lives.

Before The Avatar Compassion Project, few would have believed that lives could be improved by a simple exercise circulated on a folded card. Two million cards later, it is not as difficult to believe. The Compassion Exercise has five easy steps, which anyone can test in a couple of minutes without even leaving their chair. The expected result is a personal sense of peace.

According to Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, "When we recognize that we share certain common denominator life experiences, two things happen: first, we don't feel so alone and isolated, and second, we begin to understand each other. From that connection and understanding, kindness and compassion grow naturally."

The goal of the Compassion Project, launched October 2009, is to increase the amount of total compassion in the world. The cards are given freely to friends and strangers alike. The exercise has found its way into classrooms, boardrooms, churches, and hospitals.

A common theme among the Compassion Card enthusiasts is that the exercise quickly dissolves anger and stress.

“I knew we were providing something valuable to people when the first million cards disappeared in a couple of months,” said Palmer, “I’m excited about the positive changes in people’s lives. Our office has received story after story of people applying the Compassion Exercise and, within minutes, experiencing a marked change in perspective.”

In its third printing, The Compassion Card has been translated into eighteen languages including English, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and Polish.

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Developed in 1986, the Avatar Course training is delivered in 21 languages and is taught by licensed Avatar Masters in 71 countries. Graduates report reduced stress, increases in personal happiness, and greater success in reaching their goals.

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