Statistics Confirm Prevalence of Biological Imbalances Among Endurance Athletes

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Fitness does not always correlate to health, as illustrated by the recent experience of a 44-year-old triathlete from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. His story highlights the growing use of home-based biological assessments by professional, endurance and weekend athletes.

Eric Petersen, triathlete from Coeur d'Alene, ID

I am amazed by how good I feel. It’s all so obvious now. If I’m going to push my body and expect it to respond, I’m going to have to tune in and take better care of it.

Bioletics, a leader in home performance testing for athletes, announced today that it has identified significant biological imbalances in 100% of the endurance athletes evaluated in the past six months. Looking at eight key bio-performance factors in 100 athletes the company discovered that most had five or more biological deficiencies that were limiting their athletic potential, their overall health and general feeling of well-being.

“The longer and harder athletes push, the more likely they are to develop a biological imbalance or deficiency,” explains Coach Ben Greenfield of Pacific Elite Fitness (Spokane, WA). He adds, “With the advent of home-based assessment options, coaches are beginning to encourage athletes to re-think the relationship between their fitness and their health. It’s becoming increasingly clear that one does not necessarily lead to the other.”

Fit and convinced that he was the epitome of health, Eric was logging an impressive amount of mileage day after day. He frequently did two workouts a day when training for a competitive event. At some point, however, Eric started to struggle. He was feeling tired, sore and unmotivated for no apparent reason. He hadn’t been injured or ill and he wasn’t over training. It was Coach Greenfield who suggested that he consider doing a few at-home assessments to gain some insight into what was happening on a deeper level—inside his body. Because he ate well and took a number of nutritional supplements, Eric had doubts about being evaluated. But he trusted his coach, took his advice and ended up contacting Bioletics.

When his results came back, Eric was shocked. His vitamin D, essential amino acid and recovery hormone levels were all very low. “My results were a real wake-up call,” recalls Petersen. “No wonder I was feeling so run down.”

Eric made some changes and, within six weeks, was feeling and performing better. "After following Bioletics’ corrective protocol for about twelve weeks, I did a training run on the Coeur d’Alene half marathon course. It wasn't even a race and I ended up improving my PR (personal record) at this distance by well over eight minutes." He adds, "I am amazed by how good I feel. It’s all so obvious now. If I’m going to push my body and expect it to respond, I’m going to have to tune in and take better care of it."

For additional information or to arrange for a personal interview with Ben Greenfield, Eric Peterson or a member of the Bioletics staff, please contact Jackie Cohen at #888.371.1033.

Bioletics is a privately held company offering in-home biological assessment solutions for serious athletes who want to improve their performance. The company offers several different assessment options and various nutritional products, such as essential amino acids, that can help balance biological deficiencies.

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